Research administration team

The Office of Research is led by Paul Resnick, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs. Our goal is to create an environment where faculty research flourishes, is engaged in cutting edge technology, and contributes to the mission of the School of Information (UMSI) by creating new knowledge and serving the local and global communities. This involves working with faculty in a broad spectrum of activities, from directing their ideas to appropriate funding sources to ensuring their work is published and results disseminated. The office activities can be described as follows:

  • Seek research funding
  • Facilitate implementation of research projects
  • Create appropriate infrastructure at UMSI for research
  • Interact with the University of Michigan research world
  • Track emerging opportunities, in industry, government and foundations
  • Promote the sponsored activities of UMSI and manage relationships with partners in research and innovation of the School

Our staff

Becky O'Brien - Director of Research Administration

Jocelyn Jacobs - Research Process Coordinator

Cathy Robinson - Research Process Coordinator

Jocelyn Webber - Research Development Manager

Contact us

If you are specifically interested in UMSI PhD admissions and general program information, email

School of Information
University of Michigan
Office of Research
105 S. State St., Suite 4325
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1285
(734) 764-1858