Check out the cutting-edge research we do on the forefront of HCI, social science, information analysis, library science, archiving, health informatics, and more.


Our 41 faculty conducted $4.8 million in externally funded research in 2014-15. Nearly half of faculty grant applications are funded, an impressive ratio even by the University of Michigan’s high standards.

As a result of hard work by our faculty and staff, UMSI enjoys top national rankings in many of our academic areas.* For several years running, 100% of our PhD graduates have found employment in the teaching or research areas of their choice.

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* U.S. News & World Report Graduate School Rankings, 2013: #1 Information Systems, #1 Archives and Preservation, #4 Library and Information Studies, #4 Digital Librarianship, #4 Health Librarianship (Note: Established ranking systems do not exist for all programs or specializations.)