Student life at UMSI

UMSI fosters a dynamic, inclusive, and collaborative community. Many UMSI students are highly engaged in opportunities outside of the classroom that build skills, offer support, and create lasting relationships. We at UMSI care about students’ overall well-being in addition to their academic and professional success.

UMSI hosts a variety of student organizations. Student organizations are a great way to learn new skills, meet other students, and get involved in the broader University of Michigan and Ann Arbor community.

We also offer trainings and workshops to develop skills around leadership, social identity, intercultural engagement, and group facilitation.

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Student development

  • First Semester Experience
    • The First Semester Experience (FSE) is a seminar for first year doctoral students focused on the transition into doctoral student life.
    • The UMSiSUCCESS Initiative (iSUCCESS for short) is a series of activities and programs designed to support BSI transfer students’ successful transition to the University of Michigan and School of Information. iSUCCESS focuses on cohort-building while providing space for transfer students to address the unique opportunities and challenges they encounter as students new to the University of Michigan.
  • Leadership Series
    • The Leadership Series offers students an opportunity to build leadership skills including facilitation strategies, social identity development, and leadership as a professional.

Wellness at UMSI

We value wellness and understand the importance of students maintaining their physical and mental health throughout their time at UMSI. The Office of Student Affairs offers programming throughout each year to give students a chance to take a break and participate in some fun and stress-free activities. 

North Quad reflection room

The University of Michigan School of Information and LSA offer students, faculty and staff a reflection room located in 1120 North Quad Building. The reflection room is for individuals wishing to engage in structured or unstructured reflection, which could include prayer or meditation. The room is drop-in only, no reservations.

Campus/University student life and wellness resources


The University’s Division of Public Safety and Security includes a full service law enforcement agency that patrols all campus buildings and grounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ann Arbor and University of Michigan campus resources

Life in Ann Arbor provides resources for students, including information about housing, parking, transportation, entertainment, and life in Ann Arbor.