Data Science at the Intersection of Humanity and Technology

As systems and structures in almost every industry expand, sophisticated data collection, analysis, and dissemination demands increase. How, when, where and why society uses data continues to evolve. As we prepare for new jobs and bolster existing ones, we grapple with questions on the ethics of data use. In other words, how can we put data to work across a wide breadth of industries and organizations for human good?


Practical, Flexible and Rigorous Study in Data Science

The University of Michigan School of Information is pleased to offer a new, fully online, master’s program in applied data science. We teach comprehensive applied data science at the intersection of people and technology. We provide critical insight into data collection, computation, and analytics, and help develop hands-on skills using a multidisciplinary approach embedded in information, computer science, and statistics. Coursework and projects focus on applying data science to real-world problems. For more information on our program and its admissions criteria, we invite you to join our interest list.


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