UMSI in the news

UMSI research, initiatives and faculty are frequently featured in regional, national, and global media.

Recent coverage:

7/5/18 - Futurity: Society and Culture - "People say online harassment’s OK if it’s punishment" Lindsay Blackwell 

7/6/18 - The Michigan Daily - "U-M’s Social Integrity site promotes good digital citizenship"  U-M Social and CSMR 

7/9/18 - Education Technology - "Turning the gender gap into a picture of health" Christopher Brooks, Joshua Gardner and Kaifeng Chen 

7/11/18 - Michigan Radio - "The benefits and pitfalls of making robots act more like humans"  Lionel Robert 

7/17/18 - Futurity - "People around the world use these emojis the most" Wei Ai 

7/25/18 - Bloomberg - "Venmo is the Best Place to Stalk Your Children" Cliff Lampe

8/7/18 - The Washington Post - "First Amendment advocates urge change in Facebook platform rules" Aviv Ovadya 

8/9/18 - The Conversation - "How new fathers use social media to make sense of their roles" Tawfiq Ammari 

8/13/18 - CNBC - "Robots are already taking human job, but it may not be such a bad thing"  Lionel Robert and Ella Atkins 

9/4/18 - Bloomberg - "YouTube, Netflix Videos Found to Be Slowed by Wireless Carriers" Florian Schaub 

9/6/18 - Detroit Free Press - "Credit freeze: A misunderstood freebie that you actually want" Florian Schaub and Yixin Zou 

9/20/18 - Times of India - "Tweeting in Hindi gaining popularity in India, says US study" Joyojeet Pal

10/1/18 - Voice of America - "Student Learning Goes Up When Devices Shut Down" Kentaro Toyama

10/10/18 - The Hill - "Researchers unveil tool to track disinformation on social media" Paul Resnick