Learn about the wide range of services offered to students in UMSI degree programs.


From the moment they walk in the door, our students receive customized, strategic, comprehensive academic and career counseling, enabling them to chart the course of their scholarly career with their research, learning and career goals in mind.

Highly trained professionals with real-world experience

We emphasize practical experience as part of our masters program, working with our students to ensure that both in class and out, they receive real-world training. As a result, all of our masters’ students participate in experiential learning through internships.

The payoff is clear: our masters’ students earn the highest average salaries of any information science graduate program in some areas of study*, and 98% of our students report finding employment in their field of choice. Our 7,800 alumni include user-experience engineers, Web designers, data engineers, librarians and archivists, entrepreneurs, and information architects.

Students and employers, connect here

Employers, use this section of the site to find out how to connect with our highly qualified students for internships or full time openings. Students, learn more about the job market and how to find the perfect fit. 

*Library Journal Placements and Salaries Survey, December 2012 and October 2013