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Graduating classes of 2011–present

Renée C. Clark, MSI ‘17, began work as Acquisitions/Information Literacy Librarian at the University of Arkansas at Monticello’s Taylor Library. (4/18)

Brandon Patterson, MSI '17, is a technology engagement librarian at the Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah. He's working on projects inspired by much of what he learned while at U-M including prototyping virtual environments for health sciences education, teaching health and information literacy, and technology (ICTD) in global health. (7/18)

Bryce Beckwith, BSI '16, currently works as an analyst at Caesars Entertainment in their Data Science department in Las Vegas, NV. Bryce enjoys the fast paced nature of the city and looking at the human behavior side of analytics. She is also pursuing a Masters in Data Science from the University of Pacific via a part time program there. UMSI provided her with an introduction into the world of data science and some great experiences, such as the time her SI370 class pooled their money to buy their professor a panda onesie. (1/15)

Lauren Stamm Brady, MSI ‘16, is a reference archivist at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. Her studies at UMSI in Archives and Records Management, as well as her Museum Studies Graduate Certificate, have been the perfect fit for her role at The Henry Ford. (8/17)

Yung-Ju “Stanley” Chang, PhD '16, MSI ’09, chose the human interaction concentration and hopes to bring the field back home to Taiwan. He will be joining the faculty at National Chiao Tung University (where he received his undergraduate degree) as an assistant professor to teach human computer interaction and user experience in its computer science program. He wants to teach students about the various interpersonal opportunities connected to computer science. (7/16)

Sonia Doshi, BSI '16, is the Manager of Strategic Initiatives for the Walt Disney Studios Technology team in Los Angeles. Prior to this role, she worked as a Product Manager and Learning Designer at a start-up called Imbellus that develops simulation-based cognitive assessments designed to ultimately replace current admission tests. After Michigan, Sonia received her Master's in Learning, Design, and Technology from the Stanford Graduate School of Education and co-authored a children's book, "Goodnight News", to facilitate conversations between parents and their children. She continues to advocate for college student mental health through press features in the O Magazine and Psychology Today, serving on the board of directors for a new mental health nonprofit called The Support Network, and working on design projects like her Master's thesis, Huddle, an app designed to teach college students conversational skills to become first responders to mental health crises. Support from UMSI alumni, faculty, and staff have carried her through every step of her academic and professional career post-Michigan. (9/19)

Manu Gupta, MSI ‘16, started working on software development for Internal Medicine at the U of M during his time as a master’s student and fell in love with the field. After graduation he combined his love for software development and healthcare with a passion for entrepreneurship and began working for an Ann Arbor startup called Genomenon. He still keeps in touch with many of the friends he made during his time at UMSI. (4/18)

Kathy Kosinski, MSI ‘16, is now the Statewide Library Services Analyst for the Library of Michigan (11/17).

Michelle Bass, MSI '15, PhD, AHIP is the population research librarian at the Stanford University School of Medicine Lane Medical Library. She recently joined the Academy of Health Information Professionals as a Provisional member and is currently the chair of the Research Section of the Medical Library Association. (10/17)

Jennifer Brown, MSI ’15, is currently an emerging technologies coordinator at Columbia University. Her SI degree gave her code literacy and the ability to interact with developers and designers. She also worked as a library assistant while at U-M, and appreciated the relationship between SI and university libraries. Her favorite memory is going to the Big House for football games. (7/16)

Angie Carrier, MSI ‘15, accepted a full time position with Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media as a product designer on DisneyLife, a streaming app. (11/17)

Tao Dong, PhD '15, MSI '09, interned at Adobe Systems where he created a jigsaw puzzle game to help people learn how to use Photoshop. After graduating he went to Google where he continues to work and collaborate with UMSI researchers. He believes that the skills he developed at SI enabled him to help build some of the most exciting information products at Google.

Michael Grisafe, MSI '15, works as a solution architect for Improvement Path Systems where he is responsible for designing interfaces for hospital systems. Michael was drawn to the Health Informatics program at the School of Information while getting his Masters of Public Health at the University of Michigan. He believes his degree taught him to be a dynamic thinker and he enjoyed using his skills during the Innovation in Action project where he helped create an app that benefited children with food allergies. (4/16)

Stephanie Haley, MSI ‘15, married Paul Haley in 2016 and started working at Ford Motor Company in User Experience in 2017. (11/17)

Meg Morrissey, MSI '15, has been working in Digital Asset Management (DAM) with various clients in Chicago for the last three years. This April, Meg is heading to Los Angeles, where she will start as an Asset Management Specialist for the Walt Disney Studios. She will miss the Midwest and laughs cruelly at Los Angelenos who mention the "bad weather" when it's 65 and sunny. (4/18)

Corine Vieracker, MSI '15, is working as a digital archivist for Allied Vaughn in Livonia, where she manages a team. She had a great experience at UMSI as a student and worked many hours in libraries gaining worthwhile work experience. Corrine will be getting married in Fall 2016. (4/16)

Connor Waldo, BSI '15, recently moved back to Michigan after living in California and working in the music industry. Connor enjoyed the mixture of business and technology training that he received with his undergraduate degree at SI. He also values the tangible skills his classes taught him, especially in his coding and web development courses. Connor's favorite SI memory was taking a selfie with Professor King at graduation. (4/16)

Setsuko Yokoyama, MSI ’15 is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Maryland Department of English. (7/18)

Michael Barera, MSI '14, presented on Wikepedia last year in academia/libraries/archives at the University of Texas at Arlington as part of Open Access Week. Michael says that UMSI’s curriculum balances between traditional archival work and the cutting-edge technologies of the future. Additionally, the soft-skill components serve as a valuable skill in any job. (1/15)

Sarah Billiu, MSI ’14, worked for the University of Colorado after graduating. She now works for the Brewers Association as a membership coordinator. She enjoyed walking around campus in Ann Arbor, especially the Law Quad. She has particularly fond memories of her advisor David Wallace.

Jianqi Chen, MSI ‘14, currently works as a product designer for Oath as part of the experience design for Yahoo communications team. Jianqi remembers the dedication of the faculty at UMSI most of all. Particularly she recalls posting on her facebook page that she was struggling with some of the readings since English was not her first language. She was amazed when UMSI faculty, staff and students commented offering to help her. (1/15).

Febrianto, MSI ‘14, is currently the Department Head of Business Analytics and Campaign Management at Bank Mandiri, th largest bank in Indonesia by asset. Febrianto’s job consists of managing the data science team, doing analysis and machine learning modeling in Marketing and Fraud, and running campaigns for different products. UMSI provided him both the hard and soft skills needed in the data science field. After graduation Febrianto and his wife welcomed their second child. (3/18)

Maura M. Youngman, MSI '14, began an internship with The New York Times after graduation and as remained there as a Lead Researcher for Audience and Insights, currently focusing on NYTGlobal. Maura’s advice to UMSI students is don’t get good at any job you don’t enjoy. Maura lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn and continues to live an active life running half marathons, four this last year. (11/17)

Raymond D. Alexander, MSI '13, is a senior UX designer at Victoria's Secret. He has been working at the same job that he was offered two weeks after graduation. In December he bought a house and he also recently purchased a motorcycle. His advice to other UMSI students is this: If you have a good enough style guide, anyone can be a designer.

Emily Mahood Bowman, MSI ‘13, believes attending UMSI was the single most impactful decision she ever made for her career. The skills she needed, the connections, and the love of information were just some of the things Emily gained at SI. One of Emily’s favorite classes was SI 501, where she learned contextual inquiry. The long nights spent debating the relationships between insights or the phrasing of a category is something she will never forget. (11/17)

Greg Cunningham, MSI '13, has worked in the user experience consulting field since graduating from UMSI and has worked at Fjord since 2014. Greg has found that the UMSI curriculum has helped him see client problems and reframe them to give the client what they actually need. Although classes like entrepreneurship were difficult at the time, Greg continues to see the practical applications of this course work in his work. (2/15)

Nina Elias, MSI ‘13, worked in Chicago with Fjord for nearly 3 years doing UX research and design across platforms and industries, including Toronto's public transit system, Kohl's mobile site, and Centerpoint Energy's responsive website. She recently returned to Michigan, where she got married. Her husband is starting graduate school, and she has recently begun a search for a new position in the Ann Arbor area!

Lisa Hardman, MSI '13, was recently promoted to senior IT analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office in Washington, D.C.

Sabarish Raghupathy, MSI '13, moved across the country to New York City to work for EdLab, a research, design, and development unit at the Gottesman Libraries in Teachers College, Columbia University. He does user experience design and software development of new learning technologies and platforms. Previously, he worked at Empirical, a UX research and design agency in Portland.

Peter Zubalake, MSI '13, has enjoyed living in the Ann Arbor area since graduation. Peter has a special interest in preservation of sound recordings and was able to explore this interest as a student during his internship with Michigan Opera Theater. A great memory of his was his class on Preservation of Sound and Motion which he took with Paul Conway. (4/16)

Nikki Roda, MSI '13, moved to Palo Alto, California, to work as a senior interaction designer at VM Ware. Nikki made a lasting impact during her time at UMSI. She organized and put on the first A2 Data Dive and was later awarded the first Student Impact Award, which was named after her. Her advice to current UMSI students would be to try and push their understanding as far as they can while they have the time at the University of Michigan.

Omid Farivar, MSI ‘12, is currently working at Dropbox, after 4 years at Facebook as a UX researcher. Omid credits UMSI with providing him a foundation in design research that he regularly uses in his career. His favorite memories at UMSI involve DJing at parties for his 2012 cohort. (12/18)

Peter Andrews, MSI '12, has been working as an interaction designer at Bloomberg LP in New York since his graduation. The greatest value of his UMSI degree has been the practical work experience he received. Peter was a research assistant and worked with several Ann Arbor start-ups during his time at U-M and would recommend this type of involvement to other SI students because the entrepreneurial spirit still helps him in his work today. 

Debbie Blumenthal, MSI ’12, spent her first four years out of UMSI as a government contractor in Washington, D.C.. In 2016, she married another UMSI alum, Jason Johnson. She now lives in Seattle and works as a project management consultant. She enjoyed the information policy classes she took during her time at UMSI and found they helped her in her government work. (11/17)

Jonathan Brier, MSI ‘12, is currently completing his PhD in Information Studies at the University of Maryland. Working with Dean Thomas Finholt during his time at UMSI inspired him to pursue a PhD. Professors like Cliff Lampe, who encouraged Jonathan to attend UMSI, gave him an idea of the global impact work in information can have. (11/17)

Anne Cox, MSI ’12, has been working as a photograph archivist at the State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, since June 2012. She and her husband Steve are expecting their first child in October 2016. She remembers going to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for ASB. She loved being behind the scenes of the aquarium, seeing how its library worked, and helping with its fairly new archive effort. (7/16)

Justin Delay, MSI ‘12, is currently the director of digital at He feels that SI taught him to have empathy in his designs and products, and that U-M gave him the relationships he needed to achieve his goals. 

Killian Escobedo, MSI ‘12, was a paralegal in the San Francisco Bay area before coming to study at SI. He wanted to improve the software for managing client and case records, so he came to specialize in ARM and HCI. Since graduating, he has been working as an interaction designer for Practice Fusion. His favorite memory from school is happy hours at Sava’s with the gentlemen.

Naim Falandino, MSI '12, and his wife, Veronica, recently returned from a trip to Scotland where they introduced their son, Ronan, to his great-grandparents.  Naim is chief data scientist at Deepfield in Ann Arbor. Veronica is currently the associate director for admissions and student affairs at the School of Information.

Omid Farivar, MSI '12, has been working as a UX researcher at Facebook for over two years. “My SI degree was pivotal in landing me my first job, where I had to make the case for a position to be created for me.” His favorite SI memories were parties that he threw with his friend Mo Ibrahim where Omid was the house DJ. (12/16)

Jessica Kahan, MSI '12, now lives in Cincinnati. She is the collection and development specialist for children and teens at the Lane Libraries. (4/16)

Kimberly Miller, MSI ‘12, was awarded permanent status as Learning Technologies Librarian at Towson University. (5/18)

Jill Morningstar, MSI ’12, is working at Michigan State University as an Education, Psychology, and Children’s Literature Librarian, manager of their 24/7 Chat Reference service and Coordinator of Library Mentoring Initiatives. She currently serves as the 2018-2019 Chair of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Education and Behavior Sciences Section (EBSS). (10/18)

Stephanie (Soule) Shreffler

Stephanie (Soule) Shreffler, MSI ’12, is a Collections Librarian and Assistant Professor at the University of Dayton Libraries, where she manages the U.S Catholic Special Collection. She recently had an article published in the Journal of Religious & Theological Information (Spring 2018). In October, 2016 she married her husband Matt, and welcomed the birth of her first son, Philip, in September of 2017. (10/18)

Maria Kramer, MSI ‘11, is currently a Youth Services Department Manager for the Pueblo City-County Library District. Her library has won many awards in the last few years including Institute of Museum and Library Services National Medal. Maria has also had two children in the past five years, and enjoys using play-based learning techniques she learned for work to have fun with them. (12/18)

Samantha Ashby, MSI '11, is currently working as a reference archivist at Bowling Green State University. While she was at UMSI she enjoyed participating in an Alternative Spring Break in D.C. and working in the Ford Presidential Library. (9/16)

Elena Azadbakht, MSI '11, has worked as the Health and Nursing Librarian at the University of Southern Mississippi since she graduated from UMSI. She has found over her six years at the University that her UMSI experience gave her a diverse mix of knowledge that put her at the forefront of her field. She recalls one experience in particular where she was given an assignment solely because of the user experience background she had from UMSI, something that few other librarians had. (1/15)

Sarah Barbrow, MSI '11, is working as a research and instruction librarian at Wellesley College in Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and son. During her time at UMSI, Sarah valued her proximity to the library where she was able to engage in many hands-on experiences. Her favorite part of working at Wellesley College is her ability to effectively support and empower the students she interacts with.

Andrew Calvetti, MSI ’11, recently had his second child and adopted a puppy. He became a high school teacher after graduating and is now in a job search process. At SI he fondly remembers BiblioBouts projects with Professor Karen Markey that gave him practice with online databases and project research.

Becky Chu, MSI ‘11, feels that SI was critical to her career and her move to NYC. Her favorite memories are studying most evenings at Espresso Royale on State St., and taking naps in Hatcher and Shapiro Libraries. For the past 4 years, she’s also been mentoring high school students for FIRST Robotics at George Westinghouse Career and Technical High School in Downtown Brooklyn. 

Rodger Devine, MSI '11, says that UMSI has helped him think broadly about solving different kinds of problems. One of Rodgers favorite memories was participating in the A2 Data Dive and analyzing data to provide local non-profits with actionable insights and recommendations. (2/15)

Erin Dietrich, MSI ‘11, worked full time during school as an ITS developer. She also worked in IT at LSA. She moved into management after graduating. Her favorite class at SI was the Information Architecture class, which looked at how people capture and store information.

Annelise and Brian

Annelise Doll, MSI ‘11, is currently a librarian at Michigan Technological University. She also serves on the board of the Copper Country Community Arts Center in Hancock, MI where she lives in an old fixer-upper with her significant other, Brian. (11/17)

Gerald “Jerry” Gordinier, MSI ‘11, has had various research and interaction design positions for the last five years in San Francisco. This has allowed him to travel to Australia and India for research. During his time at Michigan, he loved getting to know the great mix of technology geeks and library science books lovers who shared his passions.

Meg Hixon, MSI ‘11, began her career at the William L. Clements Library here at U of M. In 2014, she joined the staffof the Rare Book & Manuscript Library at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She returned to Ann Arbor in 2017 to begin a job as the Processing Archivist for the Special Collections Research Center at the University of Michigan Library. Her favorite Michigan memory is sharing lunch with friends after their 501 section. (3/18)

Maureen Kerwin, MSI ’11, is currently based in Berlin where she recently started a business freelancing UX/Design Research. Prior to this, she worked at Nokia for about five years as an Interaction Designer. (10/18) 

Matt Scheinerman and family

Matt Scheinerman, MSI '11, and his wife welcomed the birth of their daughter on June 11, 2015. Allison Yager Scheinerman weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces.

Graduating classes of 2001–2010

Dr. Nikhil Sharma, MSI ‘10, is currently a UX Research Manager at Google where his degree from the School of Information has given him the confidence and technical expertise to make a dent in big complicated problems. His favorite memory of the School of Information is the extensive one on one time he had with his advisor. (12/18)

Heather Backman, MLIS ‘10, was promoted to Director of the Hopkinton Public Library in August 2017.  (11/17)

Kamaria Campbell, MSI ’10, has used her human-computer interaction specialization to work in UX consulting roles at ForeSee in Ann Arbor and IBM in Chicago. In 2014 she organized the first World Information Architecture Day event for Chicago, and was recognized as one of the top 50 techies to know in the city by Crain’s Chicago Business. She is currently studying for her MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. 

Rachel Doepker, MSI '10, works as an enterprise and policy manager at Ernst & Young. Her work in the graduate library and her contextual inquiry class have been useful experiences for her career. She also enjoyed her ASB trip to the Library of Congress during her time at school. (12/16)

Andy Hickner, MSI ‘10, works as a web services librarian for Yale University’s Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. Andy believes that the School of Information’s edge comes from its user experience coursework. Some of Andy’s favorite courses include Tiffany Veinot’s Evidence-Based Health Information and Karen Markey’s cataloging class. Andy says that the challenging coursework, while dreaded at the time, gave him a firm foundation to begin an enjoyable career. (3/18)

Katie McCurdy, MSI ’10, started her career working as UX designer and researcher in healthcare for over 6 years. She recently founded a new company called Pictal Health that helps patients tell their health stories visually. Pictal helps people put together detailed timelines, symptom maps, and a neat and organized summary of their health history so that they can see and understand what happened, tell their story with confidence, and work together better with their doctors. (10/18)

Meico Whitlock, MSI ’10, has launched an organization called Mindful Techie where he helps purpose-driven high achievers and organizations break from burnout, overwork, and digital distractions through talks, workshops, and coaching. His work has been well received including being featured on ABC News, Fox 5, and Radio One. (10/18)

Brian Wilson, MSI '10, was elected to the board of the Michigan Archival Association in June 2015. He is currently working as a digital access and preservation archivist at Benson Ford Research Center, where he is proud to be making the archival collections more available digitally. Brian enjoys the fact that he was a part of the last SI class to call West Hall home.

Dr. Yung-Ju Chang, MSI '09 PhD 2016, began his journey into the user experience field while completing his master’s degree at UMSI. His Ph.D. helped him strengthen those skills and begin more in-depth research. Above all, the opportunities to connect with people and explore different fields are what made his time at UMSI great. (1/15)

Jeff Honeyman, MSI ‘09, credits the UMSI with helping him to find his calling in design, a skill he considers crucial to breaking into the tech industry. (12/18)

Jason Colman, MSI '09, is the director of Michigan Publishing Services. His career has consisted of publishing and the digitization of books. He once led a project to digitize 1 million books at the California Digital Library. He was a founder of the squirrel club at U-M and is now its faculty advisor. (12/16)

Aalap Doshi, MSI ’09, is a human-centered designer at the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research within the U-M Medical School. He's involved in designing people-focused solutions for patients, researchers and the community. He enjoys staying connected with SI by mentoring students and learning from their fresh perspectives. He also met his wife at Michigan. They had a daughter in 2016. (7/16)

Marc Levitt, MSI ‘09, is the archivist for the National Naval Aviation Museum. He has implemented a visitor studies program and is spearheading an initiative to create a 10-year master interpretive plan for the future of the museum's exhibits. (9/17)

Elaine Meyer, MSI '09, began a new position as the engineering librarian at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Previously, she was the user experience librarian at MCLS in Lansing, Michigan.

Kumad Anant Baid, MSI ’08, returned to India after graduating, where she started a design and development agency. Her degree allowed her to explain user experience to potential clients and subsequently receive more business. Her company received an award for Fastest Growing IT Company in East India. They currently employ over 30 people. You can view their website at

Marianne Braziunas, MSI ’08, has worked in five different schools as a K-12 school library media specialist since graduating. She is now married and lives in Minnesota with her son, Gavin, and dog, Sadie. (7/16)

Bethany (Panozzo) Cron, MSI ’08, works at the National Archives and Records Administration in records management policy and outreach for the federal government. She worked at the Federal Trade Commission and the National Archives on ASB, which led to her job. She worked at the Ford Presidential Library during her time at Michigan. She also met her husband, Bill, at U-M and they have a son named Jojo. (7/16)

Joy Kim, MSI ’08, recently accepted the position of Deputy Director for the Cambridge Public Library in Massachusetts. Previously, Joy was a Customer Experience Manager at Pierce County Library System in Tacoma, Washington. (11/18)

Alexander Byrne, MSI ’07, has fond memories of Professor Robert Frost from the pilot of the SI 110 course. The course showed him that he wanted to be an SI student. He is now a happily employed youth services librarian. 

David Hsiao, MSI ‘07, joined Accenture as a Technology Consulting Analyst after graduating. He is currently working on his own start-up. His favorite memory of Michigan was going on a road trip to Northern Michigan to see the Fall colors and camping at the Sleeping Bear Dune park.

Erin Passehl Stoddart, MSI ’07, is now Strategic Projects and Grants Development Librarian at the University of Oregon Libraries. She previously was Head of Special Collections and Archives at the University of Idaho and is the past-president of Northwest Archivists. (11/18)

Erika Navara, MSI ‘06, is currently working as a Developer Writer at Microsoft. Erika credits UMSI with enabling her to develop a well rounded understanding of the interconnections between technology, information, and society. Her favorite thing about her time at UMSI was the overall sense of community and common purpose among students, staff, and faculty. (12/18)

Kai-Sheng Chan, MSI ’06 currently lives in Taiwan, where he has founded the Taiwan Urban Bicycle Alliance, a grassroots cycling advocacy organization. His favorite memories involve the changing of the seasons, and strolls along the creek in Nichols Arboretum. (11/18)

David Dworin, MSI ’06, currently runs Dworin Consulting (, which provides "advice to the advice industry," where he helps professional services firms to grow and scale their businesses. He feels that his exposure to a variety of academic perspectives and problem solving methods while at SI has been very helpful to his career. While at U-M, David was involved in the SI Student Association and the business school's Community Consulting Club. (7/16)

Eric Frierson, MSI '06, was named director of discovery service engineering at EBSCO Information Services after 3 years with the company. Prior to joining EBSCO, he was head of library systems at St. Edward's University. (12/16) 

Thomas Mobley, MSI IEMP ’06 says that i/t was a real honor to have an MSI IEMP degree from the University of Michigan. “As we humans traverse through the Stone, Copper, Bronze, Iron, and Space Ages, we now occupy the Information Age.” He believes there is no better way to celebrate than with the MSI degree!

Steve Cotterill, MSI ’05, began working at Apple after graduating. He started his own user experience group within the company after two years. He regularly refers to lessons learned in grad school. “Understanding the human mind and the hidden forces at work in society has enabled me to influence my organization to improve the lives of Apple’s employees and customers.” (7/16) 

Julie Darling and 3D printer

Julie Darling, MSI ’05, is a media specialist at Creekside Intermediate School. She is also passionate about maker spaces and allowing the students to create and innovate. In this picture (left) she is building the 3D printer that is now used in the school. (7/16)

Matthew Dull, MSI ’05, met his wife and found his calling to information science and technology at SI. “The level of care and connection with students are top-notch; I hope every student feels that at some time in their collegiate life.” (7/16)

Sarah McNitt, MSI '05, recently moved back to Ann Arbor and accepted a position as the MGlobal Technical Coordinator for the University of Michigan. She previously worked as a study abroad advisor for the University of Iowa. She feels the greatest value of her SI degree has been enabling her to think about how the end user will receive the information she is providing. Sarah comes from a family of SI alums: Her father, mother and sister all graduated from the School of Information. One thing she has especially enjoyed about moving back to Ann Arbor has been running into other people with SI connections - both her realtor and her office neighbor are alumni!

Kristen Mot, MSI ’05, has worked as the Library Instruction Coordinator for Ferris State University for the past 12 years, as a faculty reference and instruction librarian. She recently became a full professor and travels across the country giving presentations. (10/18)

Marjorie Knepp, MSI '04, recalls her favorite memory of UMSI being the many friends she made while in her program. Since graduation, Marjorie has pursued positions as product and project managers, and recently has spearheaded her own start-up with her partner, called ALTality. ALTality works to bring augmented reality into the everyday and is located in Ann Arbor. Their first product is SpellBound. (4/16)

Kerry (Connole) Baldwin, MSI '03, manages part of the archives collection at the History Colorado Center in Denver, Colorado. She enjoyed the beauty of the arboretum in Ann Arbor, and would love for her children to experience fireflies someday. (7/16)

Chris Borawski, MSI '03, In January 2019, Chris was promoted to branch manager of the Chevy Chase branch of Montgomery County (MD) Public Libraries. He was previously the assistant branch manager/senior librarian of the Connie Morella (formerly Bethesda) branch. (2/19)

Daniel Brown, MIS ‘03, is a content editor at ProQuest. He returned to the information science profession after a 12-year stint in academia. (7/17)

Lauren Collins, MSI ’03, worked in the law library at Michigan as a student assistant, which spurred her second career. Her best SI memory was working for a week at the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, D.C., on her ASB. (7/16)

Christian Dodd, MSI ’03, has worked as an interaction designer at Digitas, worked as an interaction designer and strategist at Organic and worked on product design at Whirlpool. He's currently with Cramer Krasselt in Chicago where he leads the UX strategy group. He remembers being at UMSI on September 11, 2001. “Despite what was happening, almost everyone showed up to our 9 a.m. class. Classes were canceled shortly after we arrived, but a few of us found a TV and watched the events unfold together. While the day was unquestionably terrible, the ability to experience it with people approaching it from such different perspectives and life experiences is something I'll always remember.” (7/16)

Scott Duimstra, MSI ’03, is currently the senior associate director of Capital Area District Libraries. He is married with a daughter and a son. His favorite place on campus was the DIAD. “Whatever time you went, there would always be another student in the DIAD. I remember working on the Internet Public Library and going to the DIAD at 3 a.m., thinking for certain that I would be the only student there. Well, I wasn’t — there were about 10 others.” (7/16)

Sara Ulius-Sabel, MSI ’03, and her family recently relocated to Massachusetts in September, where she now works as a Senior Researcher in Innovation Insights at Bose. She is looking forward to reconnecting with UMSI alums in the greater Boston area. (11/18)

Kara Lock VanRoekel, MSI ‘02 is currently a Manager of Accessibility Services at Level Access. She credits her success in her career in UX and usability to her UMSI education and HCI specialization. Among her many fond memories of U- and the School of Information, one her favorites was the 80s themed SI Prom. (12/18)

John Northup, MSI '02, is a web accessibility specialist at WebAIM (, a nonprofit initiative within Utah State University that helps organizations make their websites accessible to people with disabilities, trains developers in digital accessibility, and evangelizes universal design in information technology.

David Song, MSI '02, is the President and CEO of Rapid Networks and Network Group, Inc. He credits his coursework in SI for helping him to expand his interests from finance to the IT industry.

Amy Chen, MSI ‘01, did an internship at PeopleSoft where she was then hired full time as a usability engineer. She has also worked with Workday as a product manager for accessibility, and at Adobe as an accessibility product manager to help make products better for people with disabilities. 

Zilia Estrada, MSI ‘01, currently works as an academic advisor at Indiana University. She fondly remembers being invited by then Associate Dean Olivia Frost to be part of the CHICO (Cultural Heritage Initiative for Community Outreach) team. She was also profoundly moved by the course “Archives, Documentation, and The Institutions of Social Memory" taught by Dr. Francis Blouin and Professor Emeritus William Rosenberg.

Jill (Carper) Simkanich, MSI ’01, has been a school media specialist for 15 years, of which she spent 13 years in Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland and two years at Escuela Campo Alegre in Caracas, Venezuela. Her favorite SI memories are from a storytelling course. (7/16)

Todd White, MSI ‘01, started working with the start-up QuadMetrics in September 2015. QuadMetrics was spun out of University research, and it has employed at least one SI student each summer as an intern.  

Graduating classes of 1991–2000

Rebecca Chamberlain, MSI ’00, graduated from law school at MSU in 2007. After running her own practice for a while she became a law librarian at the El Paso District Court of Appeals. The leaves changing in the fall and apple cider are what she misses most about Michigan.

Glenn Fischer, MSI ’00, is currently working with the Metro-Detroit Book and Author Society to help improve their internal operations and increase awareness. What sticks with Glenn most about his time at SI is the accessibility of the faculty and the direct feedback he could receive from respected teachers in his field of study. (10/18)

Gretchen McNeely, MSI ‘00, believes that an internship she had while at the School of Information with Ardesta allowed her to build professional relationships that led to her position at Pillar Technology more than 15 years later. The Master’s program helped Gretchen develop the confidence and expertise necessary in an ever changing field. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows Gretchen to be engaged in numerous different areas, keeping her busy and interested in her work. Gretchen’s favorite UMSI memory is seeing Judy and Gray Olson’s 10,000-volume personal library. (10/17)

Linda Williams

Linda Williams, MSI '00, works at The VA National Center for Patient Safety where she focuses on development and implementation of patient safety curriculum for physicians and fellows. She is also involved in the practical application of usability principles to medical devices and software. She is a proud grandmother to 10 grandchildren ranging from ages 1-16 years old. Linda says, "There wasn't a course that I took at UMSI that hasn't contributed to the work that I do now."

Karen Trimberger Brady, MSI '00, moved to Walgreens Corporate in Chicago in January. She is responsible for all customer satisfaction research for their digital properties (web, mobile, tablet, and app). (4/16)

Dan Bree

Dan Bree, MSI '99, recently moved to Los Angeles, where he is an executive producer/showrunner for nonfiction television shows on networks like Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet and the History Channel. An itinerant vagabond since his Ann Arbor days, Dan lived in San Francisco, Boston and New York before making the move to LA. After his dot com days ended in 2001, he switched career paths to television production, and has produced over 100 hours of television on topics as diverse as the history of tattoos, the history of the Berlin Wall, extreme fishing and prisons in Georgia.

Nathaniel Bulkley, MSI ’99, PhD ’06, worked with Pfizer in Connecticut after graduating. He then started his own consulting company and recently took a job working in talent analytics at GM. While at school he enjoyed writing scripts for “Internet on the Air,” a segment on the Michigan radio. 

Amy Cantu, MILS ’99, has worked at the Ann Arbor District Library since graduation from SI. She is a productions librarian who works with community partners and local historians to digitize local history collections. She also helped secure the complete archive of bound volumes and photographic negatives from the Ann Arbor News when it closed in 2009.

Amy Cooper Cary, MSI ‘99, has been elected to the Fellows of the Society of American Archivists, SAA's highest honor. (5/18)

Patricia Katopol, MSI '99,  got a job at the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C., before obtaining her PhD in information science from the University of Washington. She now works as a compliance and education specialist in the Human Subjects Office of the Institutional Review Board and the University of Iowa. (12/16)  

Carol Parker, MSI ‘99, will begin serving as provost and vice president for academic affairs at the University of Texas at El Paso in September. Carol has more than a decade of experience as a faculty member and administrator at New Mexico's flagship research university. She joined the University of New Mexico as an assistant professor of law in 2004, and later served as associate provost for academic personnel and, subsequently, senior vice provost for academic affairs. (8/17)

Jen (Kush) Enzer, MILS ’98, started ACE Pyro LLC with her husband in 2004. They have 12 full-time employees and have created fireworks displays for events like the Big Chill and the Winter Classic, both held at the Big House. You can check out their work at (7/16)

Megan Fitch, MILS ’98, is the chief information officer at Haverford College. She has worked at several other universities and colleges in this role. She loved the entrepreneurial and experimental spirit of SI, and she uses that in her work to figure out how to leverage information across a university. In her work, “culture eats structure for lunch.” (7/16)

Kari Smith, Megan Fitch, Susan Kane and Carrie Bickner 

Susan Kane, MILS ‘98, has managed people, projects and technology for a number of software companies. She currently works as a sales engineer for Harvard Business Publishing. She's married to a lovely artist/x-ray tech from Texas. Their family contains one college student, one 7 year old, and one really lazy cat.

Stewart Katz, MILS ‘98, is Senior Vice President of Engineering & User Experience at Warner Group. He leads development and design for all new initiatives from cloud-based infrastructure through application development, DevOps, and Big Data Analytics.   He worked as a human factors researcher during his time at SI.

Tammy Sugarman, MSI '98, was appointed Associate University Librarian for Collections, Discovery and Budget at Virginia Commonwealth University. (5/18)

Rena Fowler, PhD ’97, was a university librarian for most of her career, including at the University of Denver. She also volunteers at the fundraising organization for the University of Denver Libraries. She said she could not have succeeded in getting her PhD without her co-chairs, Professors Olivia Frost and Donald Riggs. (7/16) 

Gavin Fearey and family

Gavin Fearey, MSI ’97, attended Northwestern University Law School after graduating from SI. He is now a corporate attorney with Grable Martin Fulton PLLC. Gavin has hiked the Grand Canyon, kayaked in the Ten Thousand Islands in Everglades National Park and hiked more than 10 U.S. National Parks with his family. UMSI helped him to compartmentalize and synthesize information in ways that he still implements with negotiating extremely complex business and financial transactions and compliance initiatives. (7/16)

Vlad Wielbut, MILS ‘97, has spent his career continuing the groundbreaking research in the field of information that he discovered as a master’s student. After graduation he began work on a UMSI initiative called Alliance for Community Technology, through which he helped Native American communities build digital libraries. He also traveled to South Africa to train people on web conferencing and conduct AIDS/HIV research. He is currently director of informatics at the U-M School of Public Health. (8/16)

Deborah Diesen, MILS ’96, has worked in several different library settings including Adrian College and the Library of Michigan in Lansing. She is the author of the children’s book series, The Pout-Pout Fish, as well as other children’s books that are not a part of the series. Debbie believes it's her mission to teach children to love books. She has two sons. (7/16)

Ginger Fearey, MSI ’96, attended DePaul University College of Law after graduating from SI. She's worked in several libraries, clerked for a judge in Illinois State Court and spent a few years at the Southern Methodist University Underwood Law Library. In 2014 she was sworn in as the Librarian for the Northern District of Texas. She works for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and, in addition to running the Federal Library in downtown Dallas, serves 30 United States judges. (7/16)

Randy Horton, MILS '96, has wonderful memories from his time at the School of Information especially during the launch of the Internet Public Library which he helped promote. Randy is now the managing principal at 94 Westbound Consulting. He credits his degree for giving him a framework to understand the world and information in creative ways. (4/16)

Triza Marsh-Crittle, MILS ’96, works as a systems librarian for Innovative Interface Inc. She is able to work remotely from anywhere in the world. She recently worked from Southern California and hopes to work from Dublin, Ireland, for a few weeks next year. Triza’s favorite memory was from ’95-’96, “We were constantly asked our opinion of this new, up and coming search engine called Google. We thought it was childish looking and the primary colors were offensive to our intelligence.  Yes, the snobbery was abound but who knew!”

Josie Parker, AMLS '96, has been the director at the Ann Arbor District Library since 2002. She credits her time at the School of Information for helping her understand the value of having technology in the library. She is also thankful for the emphasis her professors put on knowing and serving your customer which is a skill she carried throughout her career.

Pamela (Ellis) Pavliscak, MILS ’96, is founder of Change Sciences, a research think tank focused on humanizing technology for Chase, NBC Universal, IKEA, Virgin, and many others. She serves on IEEE Standards Global Ethics in AI Initiative. She has taught at Parsons, Stanford, and ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination and has spoken at SXSW, Collision, and other industry events. Pamela is currently writing Designing for Happiness.

William Robboy, MILS ‘96, works at the Library of Congress as a librarian in the Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Section of the Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate. His responsibilities include cataloging printed monographs from those regions, and acquiring Caribbean materials. Before joining the Library of Congress in 2003, he worked as a librarian at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore. (7/17)

Barbara Walker, MILS ‘96, thanks Professor David Hessler for providing her best memory at UMSI. Although his classes were “demanding as hell”, they taught you how to manage time, projects and life. Barbara believes the classes she took with Professor Hessler were the best preparation she had for the information world of today. (10/17)

Mike Creech, MILS '95, has worked at Tulane, Johns Hopkins, Internet start-ups, and the U-M Library System. He has held library positions and information architecture positions. Mike currently works at Internet2 as a webmaster in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is passionate about his work. He lives in Ann Arbor with his wife, Carol (UMSI alumna), and his two daughters. (7/16)

Eric Ederer, MILS ’95, worked in an urban public library and was on leadership for the society for organizational learning. He then earned his MPH in public health informatics from MSU. He is now caring for his parents.

Lara Friedman-Shedlov, MILS '95 worked at the Minnesota Historical Society before moving on University of Minnesota Libraries, where she is Description and Access Archivist and a digital archives specialist for the Kautz Family YMCA Archives.  Her years at SI (or SILS, as it was called then) provided invaluable experience.  In the classroom, she was involved in some of the earliest courses focusing on electronic records in archives and on creation of information tools for the World Wide Web.  She also had the opportunity to gain critical work experience as an archives assistant at the Bentley Historical Library, as a residence hall head librarian at East Quad, and as an intern at the Detroit Institute of Arts Research Library. (10/17)

Sandra Gallivan, MILS ’95, worked for 15 years as an elementary media center specialist. Her favorite SI memory is working in the media lab to try and figure out hardware and software through trial and error. (7/16)

Katrina Gormley, MILS '95, is the systems and technical services librarian for the Chippewa River District Library System. She greatly enjoyed working at the music library while at U-M. (12/16)

James Hannigan, MILS '95, worked in law firm libraries following graduation. Then he went to business school with the intention of entering the legal information vendor industry, which he did by joining Bloomberg to work on its law product. He then shifted back to law firms as a project manager, working on business improvement projects. (12/16)

John Powell, MILS '95 is the Web Design and Content Manager at Washtenaw Community College (7/18).

Jennifer Walters, MILS ‘95, served as the library director at Aitkin Memorial District Library for 18 years. During her tenure there, the library raised $600,000 for building projects through grants and donations. Jennifer is retired and lives in Ohio. (9/17)

Judith Gourdji, MILS ’94, worked as a business librarian at Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. She then worked as a substitute reference librarian for local public libraries in Ann Arbor, while volunteering in the U-M Patient Education Research Center at the cancer center. She retired to care for her elderly mother. She feels her SI degree was very worthwhile. “I still do all the research, medical and otherwise, for my family.” (7/16)

Nicole James, MILS ‘94, has been a librarian for 21 years. She is now a branch manager at the Cologne Public Library, in Cologne, Germany. While at U-M, she worked on a special project at the Art & Architecture Library, cataloging a privately donated collection. She also did an internship at the Ann Arbor District Library where she focused on children's librarianship, which is what she ended up doing for the first ten years of her career.

Lynn Dunn, MILS ‘93, has worked as a media specialist and provided tech support for students participating in a one-to-one laptop program. She is currently teaching 6th and 7th grades. Her favorite Michigan memory was studying abroad at the University in Aberystwyth.

Margaret Dykens, MILS ’93, is registrar and director of the Research Library at the San Diego Natural History Museum. She is currently curating a new exhibition featuring rare books dating back to the 1500s as well as works of art on natural history subjects. It will also feature the museum’s very rare copy of Audubon’s Double Elephant Folio of The Birds of America. The exhibition opened in August 2016. 

Betsy Fronk, MILS ’93, worked at the Grace A. Dow Public Library in Midland. She also worked as a reference librarian at Virginia Intermont College. She's currently working at the Chattanooga State Community College library. She has also worked for the Southeastern Library Network, an organization that supports libraries all over the southeastern United States. (7/16)

Gina Hug, MILS ‘93, served as a research medical librarian at Henry Ford for over 20 years. She was part of the last group to go through the medical librarian track. She feels that SI empowered her to do her work better.

Karen Jean Hunt, MILS ‘93, retired in January 2017. She has worked as an archivist at William and Mary, Head of Special Collections and University Archives at California State, and Director of Franklin Library at Duke University. She has also received a master's degree in public history from Wright State University. (7/17)

Peter Morville, MILS ‘93, helped build Argus Associates into a 40-person consultancy, co-founded the field of information architecture, and wrote the best-selling “polar bear book.” Peter has enjoyed a wonderful career as a speaker, writer, and information architect. (7/17)

Gale Oren, AMLS ‘93, began her career as a research librarian in a corporate library at a health care consulting firm in Ann Arbor. Since 2001, she has worked for the Kellogg Eye Center at U-M. (7/17)

Bill Teichert, MILS '93, is a librarian for the Chicago Public Library and is on the International Relations Reception Committee for the American Library Association's annual meeting in Orlando, FL. He spent time working in Bucan, South Korea, as an academic librarian. A favorite memory of Bill's was going on a field trip to Borders Publishing with Professor Margaret Taylor where he was able to see how a factory produces and publishes books. (4/16)

Chris Turner, MILS '93, received his Doctor of Education from Michigan State University in May 2015. He is employed as director of technology for Brighton Area Schools.

Diane Hummel, AMLS '92, manages the library at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids where she has been for 31 years. Diane commuted as a library sciences student and remembers packing up her dog after the work day, dropping him at a friend's home, and heading to Ann Arbor for class. She loved the Ann Arbor community and made it a point to stop by the Farmer's Market as often as possible while she was here. The greatest value of Diane's degree was the emphasis her classes put on technological advances as it prepared her for many of the transitions she would face at Spectrum Health.

Kevin Lyons, AMLS ‘92, has worked as a paraprofessional at Grand Rapids Community College Library since November 1994. He currently serves as the Library Circulation Specialist. In October 2013, he was hired as an adjunct librarian at GRCC, allowing him to use his degree to do reference and instruction. (7/17)

Maria Almaguer, MILS '91, is a reference librarian at the Grosse Pointe Public Library in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. (4/18)

Alice Dayhoff-Miller, MILS ’91, worked in the Toledo Lucas County library system after graduating. In ’93 she was married, and then had a child in ’95 who she stayed home to care for. In ’00 she returned to library work at her child’s private school until ’07.

Judy Hauser, MILS ’91, worked at a special library while getting her degree. After receiving her degree she was promoted to consultant and still works in that library today. She feels that her degree from SI helped her immensely in her library work. (7/16)

Luke Swetland, AMLS '91, is the current president and CEO of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. He previously served as the COO and Interim Head of the Autry National Center of the American West.

Michelle Wisniewski, MILS '91, is currently working as the Rochester Hills Talking Book Services Librarian. Michelle has had a rewarding career at the Rochester Hills Public Library, where she has been able to bring adult book discussions back to the library, start an English conversation group and help plan the route of the library's Bookmobile. Michelle has fond memories of her classes with Joan Durrance and Gail Beaver, who pushed her out of her comfort zone. In their free time, Michelle and her husband enjoy tango dancing, a hobby they nurtured through dance lessons during a recent trip to Buenos Aires.

Graduating classes of 1981–1990

Kenneth Cory, PhD ’90, became an assistant professor at Wayne State University's Library and Information Science Program. He challenged his students to look at sources of information and think critically about the reliability of statistics. His best memory from Michigan was in April, 1985 when he was appointed Director of the History of Art Library at Tappan Hall, tasked with ensuring that the addition to that library was completed on time for the November 15 dedication ceremony. With the cooperation of the History of Art faculty, he succeeded. All seven of his children earned college degrees, three earned doctorates, and the youngest is finishing his dissertation.

Louis Rosenfeld, MILS ‘90, publishes different forms of media, including books and podcasts, about user experience and the importance of its incorporation for large organizations through his publishing company Rosenfeld Media. This fall the company will reveal Designops Summit in New York, the second conference series Rosenfeld Media has organized. (8/17)

Barry Brown

Barry Brown, AMLS '89, serves as science librarian and head of access and collection services at the University of Montana Mansfield Library where he arrived in 1990. Barry thought he would move on to another job within five years but often says he came to Missoula because of his job, stayed because of his wife's job, and is still there because of his kids. His entire career has primarily involved managing the transition of print to electronic resources. His education from the School of Information provided an excellent foundation, particularly the frequent writing assignments which allowed for good practice in persuasive memo writing. One of his favorite Michigan memories is participating in his first online listserv in 1988 and the many opinionated discussions in cyberspace with fellow  library science students. Instead of "Go blue," Barry now hears "Go grizzlies" a lot.

Catherine “Kit” Flynn, MILS ’89, cherished her time at UMSI, finding the graduate experience challenging and fulfilling. She has lasting memories of fellow students and inspiring professors. Kit pursued a career as the media specialist at Ann Arbor Open School, served as K-12 Media Department Chair and thoroughly enjoyed her roles for the Ann Arbor Public Schools. She served as a principal for four years, and is now enjoying retirement. (7/16)

Benedette Palazzola, MILS ’89, recently retired from a career that included stints at Duke University, the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, and ProQuest. She is now pursuing arts and volunteer work, and has happy memories of her time at UMSI all those years ago!

Deborah Crocker, MILS ’88, spent five years working in the information field, then stopped working to care for and homeschool her seven children. Her degree has helped immensely in homeschooling her children. Her favorite Michigan memory is being chosen to run the dorm library at Oxford Housing for two years.

Margaret Delaney, MILS ’88, works at the Toledo Public Library. She appreciates their emphasis on kindergarten readiness and on business and technology for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She is also a member of the Ohio Library Council where she has been active for two years and president for one. While at Michigan she worked in the rare books library. She was able to help process a few manuscripts, and said that this helped her to understand what she wanted to do and where she wanted to work. One of her favorite memories from Michigan was getting candy before concerts at Hill Auditorium.

Bianca Johnson, MILS '88, achieved a National Board Certification in Library Science in 2005 and successfully renewed it again in 2015. In 2013, she published a free Apple eBook on iTunes titled: Surprise! Unexpected Gifts Received for Reading. Her degree helped her to adapt to rapidly changing technology, and gave her the confidence to continue to keep learning and trying new things. (12/16)

Jean Keleher, AMLS '88, took a position as the Global Health Sector Leader of Knowledge for Ernst and Young. Jean says, "I am glad that I moved into health care because it is something that affects everybody's lives. I love being at a global firm that is making a difference and being able to use my information skills in that capacity is really humbling." As an undergraduate she worked in several university libraries where she found her passion for library science. Jean has many fond memories of her time at SI, especially listening to Jim Croce albums in Professor Hessler's classes. (4/16)

Vicki Browne, MILS ‘87, completed an internship at the Ann Arbor District Library during her time at U-M. After she graduated, she spent the next 25 years working as storyteller and then as a teen librarian in the library’s Youth Department. (8/17)

Kayne Ferrier, MILS ’87, met most of her friends because she was a librarian. At SI one of her best memories is organizing a group of students to help one another study for a big final exam, and feeling very successful when everyone on the team did well.

Kim Laird, AMLS '87, worked for three different universities and a large state library during her career. She was involved with Michigan Notable Books while working for the Library of Michigan. (12/16)

Jo Ann Mannino, AMLS ‘87, started working in the Detroit Public Library a month before graduating from SI. She has now been at the Detroit Public Library for 30 years! She is currently the Assistant Manager and Children's/Teen Librarian at a medium size branch in Detroit. 

Jane Berliss-Vincent

Jane Berliss-Vincent, AMLS '86, has been working for three years in her dream job as the assistive tech manager in U-M Information Technology Services and says the greatest value of her degree has been the knowledge and flexibility to work with information in increasingly complex technological situations. She is the author of two books on library access for people with disabilities.

Melodie Hamilton, AMLS ’86, moved to Puerto Rico after graduating, where she served as a library consultant to the Arecibo Observatory. Next she worked at the University of Arizona, and then at Connecticut College where she has worked for 24 years. Melodie and her husband plan on spending some of their retirement in Scotland. They have two children. (7/16)

Beth Jacoby, AMLS ’86, has worked in many college and university libraries in cataloging and acquisitions, namely Temple University, University of Delaware, NYU, University of Maryland, and York College. She felt that she benefited from her internship at Hatcher Library while at Michigan. (7/16)

Sue McDowell, AMLS '86, is the IT service manager at the University of Michigan Medical School. She began working for the Medical School after working in Instructional Support services at the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts for many years. Sue believes the most rewarding part of her job is being able to find a sustainable solution for somebody's dreams and helping them to refine those dreams accordingly. When she is not working, Sue helps coach the University of Michigan Women's Ice Hockey team as well as an Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association U14 girl's ice hockey team. 

Jerry Miller, AMLS '86, joined the faculty at the graduate library and information science department at Simmons College in Boston in 1989. A year later, Jerry became a member of the Boston Chapter of the Society for Information Management. In 1995, he joined the board of directors of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals, a worldwide group of business experts who develop strategic intelligence and research decision-support tools, processes, and analytics capabilities. (7/17)

Alicia Van Pelt, AMLS ‘86, worked at the Livonia Civic Center Library where she was an adult and teen services librarian for 17 years before retiring in 2004. She is proud of the many new library programs she developed during her time there which attracted teens and incorporated them into the library. “I know that with my education from the University of Michigan School of Information, I could have gone anywhere in the world and been respected in my field.” 

Neil and Marty Hughes

Neil Hughes, AMLS ’85, will retire in Fall 2016 from his position as head of music cataloging at the University of Georgia Libraries. He began his 32-year career in music librarianship as assistant librarian at The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. He has served as chair of the Music OCLC Users Group (MOUG) and the Southeast Chapter of the Music Library Association (SEMLA). He was also elected to the board of directors of the National Music Library Association in 2000, where he also served as assistant fiscal officer and then fiscal officer. In 2016 he received MOUG's Distinguished Service Award. His best Michigan memory is of his first date with his now-wife Marty (Martha Tanner Hughes, AMLS ‘85). (7/16)

Denise Beaubien Bennett, AMLS ‘84, says that her work experience in U-M libraries and her field experience provided her with a solid foundation to begin a career in library sciences. She found value in U-M’s focus in new trends in the field, such as dial-up database searching. 

Patricia Byler, AMLS ’84, has worked in health and library sciences since graduating from SI. Her favorite memory from U-M was dancing with U of M A-Squares, a ballroom club that met in the Union. Her son now studies at U-M’s School of Information.

Tim Grimes, AMLS ’84, began working as a reference librarian in the Detroit Public Library. He then became a librarian at Ann Arbor Public Libraries, where he now runs the events and publicity. He and his wife started Red Bud Productions, a local theatre company. He felt that professors at SI really take a personal interest in their students and are willing to advocate for them. (7/16)

Deborah Evans, AMLS ’83, has worked in several libraries in the Wayne County area, including the downtown Detroit Library for the blind and physically handicapped. She is now the librarian at the Children’s Village School and she volunteers as a historical presenter at Greenfield Village. While at UMSI she enjoyed interning at the undergraduate library, won the Margaret Mann and the Edmon Low Awards and she enjoyed visiting the Ann Arbor Botanical Gardens. (7/16)

Marian LaBeck, AMLS ’83, went on to complete a master’s degree in public administration. Many of her positions have been reference and adult services librarian or manager. She studied abroad at the College of Librarianship Wales during her time at Michigan. Years later she arranged a job exchange with an English librarian.  (7/16)

Cheryl Naslund, AMLS '83, passed away suddenly on October 13. She was a high school librarian living in Binghamton, NY. Cheryl was an active member of her community as she was a driving force in the University Women's group, a member of the Indial Cultural Center, a volunteer ski instructor for the Greek Peak Adaptive Ski Program, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, and a part time PhD student. She will be remembered for her love of learning and her ability to make friends wherever she went. Cheryl is survived by her husband of 36 years, Richard, and her children. Read her obituary here.

Daniel Boice, AMLS ‘82, is Director of the Taylor Library at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. (4/18)

Paulette Brown Bracy, PhD ‘82,  is the professor of library science and director of the Office of University Accreditation at North Carolina Central University, and the recipient of the 2019 Coretta Scott King-Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime Achievement from the American Library Association. The award is presented biannually to an individual for substantial contributions through active engagement with youth using award-winning African American literature for children and/or young adults, via implementation of reading and reading-related activities and programs. (2/19)

Olivia Bravo, AMLS '82, of Cross Lanes, West Virginia passed away suddenly Feb. 21, 2018. Olivia served as reference librarian for 30 years at the Kanawha County Library in Charleston, WV. She was on the Board of Literacy Volunteers of Kanawha Co. and the Board of Covenant House in Charleston. Olivia rescued many at-risk dogs and usually had at least seven dogs herself. She was treasured by her community and friends everywhere. (3/18)

Elaine Didier, PhD ’82, AMLS ‘71, is director of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum, located in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, Mich. Since becoming director in January 2005, she has initiated a broad agenda to expand the array of educational offerings, public programs and feature exhibits, and increase the visibility and impact of both the Library and Museum. (12/16)

Luanne Frey, AMLS ’82, retired in 2008 from SC Johnson. She enjoyed her career in corporate libraries, helping scientists with research and development. (7/16)  

Barbara Garavaglia, AMLS '82, has been the Director of the University of Michigan Law Library since 2011. Her Library Sciences degree put the information she learned about legal research into context and taught her how to function in a library structure from an organizational and managerial perspective. She also believes the courses she took on Legal Research from SI were incredibly useful and relevant.

Claire S. McLaughlin, AMLS ‘82, had a rewarding 25-year career at a suburban public library. She retired at 62 and now helps to evaluate applications for freshman admission at Michigan. She also leads K-12 tours as a docent at UMMA.

Debbie Michaels, AMLS '82, retired in late 2014 and moved to Naples, FL with her husband, Tom. Ten years after receiving her BA, Debbie returned to school to get her library science degree. She enjoyed working in the subspecialty of Medical Librarianship where she was able to help build two new libraries in two different hospital facilities from scratch. Debbie is grateful for the many new friendships she made while at SI and the flexibility her new career gave her to move around the country with her husband. (4/16)

Gleniece Robinson, PhD '82, MLS ‘76, works at the Fort Worth Public Library in Texas. She represented the U.S. at the Global Library Initiative Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, and was the first African-American president of the Texas Library Association. (7/17)

Susan Christoff, AMLS ’81, worked at Toledo Lucas County Public Library before going to law school at University of Toledo. She has fond memories of living in Martha Cook, going to football games, and going to Dominick’s.

Melisande Engebretsen, AMLS ’81, believes UMSI gave her the basis for a career in competitive and business intelligence in the global pharmaceutical industry. Her favorite Michigan memory? “Ann Arbor in the summer. What a wonderful place to be.” (7/16)

Kathi Jakubowski, AMLS ’81, is an E-resources/serials coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her best UMSI memory is of Professor Olivia Frost, who introduced her to cataloging, which turned out to be her calling. (7/16)

Dwight King, AMLS ‘81, also has a law degree from Michigan, but he loves libraries. He particularly enjoyed Thomas Slavins’ “Reference in Law” class during his time at Michigan. He has now worked in law libraries at both the University of Baltimore and the University of Notre Dame. 

Mary Ludlum, AMLS ‘81, worked at the Grandview Library in Columbus, Ohio, for 32 years in various roles including young adult librarian, public relations manager, assistant director, and director. While at Michigan she helped start the student’s ALA Chapter; worked at the Library Science Library and the Graduate Reference Room, and interned at the Ann Arbor Public Library.

Dar Matthews, AMLS '81, is the director of individual stewardship at the University of Michigan where he enjoys being a resource for both major gift officers and donors of the university. Dar has found that being able to find information and then present it clearly has been imperative to his career success and attributes that skill to his SI classes. As a student, Dar had an interest in archival work and enjoyed taking classes with Fran Blouin. (4/16)

Virginia “Ginny” Nilles, AMLS ‘81, has worked in public and university libraries for 40 years. She retired in January 2017. She has received several awards such as Outstanding South Carolina Librarian, Liberty Bell Award, Trail Blazer Award, and Indiana Outstanding Race Relations Award.

Graduating classes of 1971–1980

Steve Barkan, AMLS '80, says his UMSI degree opened the doors to a rewarding and fulfilling career. He currently works as the director of the Law Library at the University of Wisconsin and teaches there as well. Recently, he received the Outstanding Classroom Teacher of the Year award from the Wisconsin Law Alumni Association.

Priscilla Oppenheimer

Priscilla Oppenheimer, AMLS '80, recently started teaching computer forensics at Southern Oregon University. Priscilla is an educator, author and computer networking consultant, with over 30 years of experience in the computer industry. Priscilla worked as a software developer for Apple Computer and as a technical instructor for Cisco Systems, and has taught classes around the world to thousands of network engineers. She is the author of "Top-Down Network Design," 3rd ed., Cisco Press, 2011, and the co-author of "Troubleshooting Campus Networks," John Wiley, 2002. Priscilla also developed the "Innovating Women" book in 2014.

Ruth Person, PhD '80, AMLS '69, has had a long and prosperous career in higher education. She was the former chancellor of the University of Michigan- Flint and has since returned to her position as professor of management. In 2006, Ruth received the distinguished alumni award from SI. She continues to rely on her SI education to locate and organize information in her current career. Ruth is grateful for the faculty's dedication to student success and enjoys running into other SI alums. (4/16)

Laura Rein, AMLS '80, retired from her role as Dean of Libraries at Webster University in December of 2017. As Dean of Libraries, Laura oversaw the provision of quality information and library services in support of the University's curriculum to students, faculty, and staff in online programs, in St. Louis, and at extended sites. (2/15)

Anne Wolfe, AMLS ‘80, has worked as a reporter, an aid for mentally handicapped adults, and an archivist in higher education. (7/17)

Lawrence Frank, AMLS ’79, works as an idea consultant to non-profits, a website administrator, a publisher and an artist. He is a retired librarian. Lawrence also published several books. You can visit his website at (7/16)

Jane Kahan, AMLS '79, has retired from her career as a children's librarian. (4/16)

Monica Hines Craig, AMLS ’78, was a reference and microforms librarian at Wayne State University and then the distance education librarian at Central Michigan University. She received the Distance Education Librarian Award in 2006. One of her best UMSI memories is attending the student picnic with her daughter, who was 18 months old, and watching her play with the professors, particularly Dr. Olivia Frost and Dr. Gwen Cruzat. (7/16)

Rochelle Reagan, AMLS ‘78, recently retired after a 43-year career in the information technology industry and is now establishing the “Rollenhagen House”, a family museum and cultural center in Eastmanville, MI. (3/18)

Susan Thornton, MLS ‘78, obtained her master’s degree partially for the teaching certificate that came with it, allowing her to enter a K-12 school and become a librarian. She was a librarian for 26 years and created vital programs that improved reading scores and taught technology and research skills to students at all levels.  (7/17)

Donna Weltyk, AMLS ‘78, attended Oakland University to get a master’s degree in English and worked in the Kresge Library at Oakland University. A dean at the U-M School of Library Science helped her complete her master’s degree at U-M. Donna is retired after a tremendous career in library sciences and volunteers her knowledge and book discussion skills to a local library in Grand Rapids. (7/17)

Don Beagle, AMLS '77,  is pleased to announce the publication of his new book in conjunction with the UM Bicentennial: RADCLIFFE SQUIRES: SELECTED POEMS 1950-1985. (James) Radcliffe Squires served on the UM faculty for 30 years, and became one of the most important poets and scholars in the University’s history, authoring 7 collections of poems and many books and articles of literary criticism. His poetry received glowing reviews at the top tier of literary and academic media, from the New York Times Book Review to the Oxford Companion to 20th Century Poetry in English (1994 ed.). By a remarkable coincidence, 2017 marks not only the UM Bicentennial but also the Centennial of Radcliffe Squires’ birth. Don was accepted for an independent study with Squires in Fall 1976-Spring 1977, when his student collection of poems won a Hopwood Award. This is Don’s 5th published book; his most recent title, WHAT MUST ARISE (January 2017) is a collection of his own poems, favorably reviewed by X. J. Kennedy and others. For the past 20 years, Don has served as Library Director at Belmont Abbey College, just outside Charlotte, NC. (8/17)

Gail Beaver, AMLS '77, began her career as a librarian at Clinton Public Schools, where she was proud to have brought technology to the library early on. She later made the switch to Huron High School in order to shorten her commute. While at Huron, Gail also worked as an adjunct professor at the School of Information, where she taught children's literature and storytelling courses. Gail's classes were incredibly popular among students of many different disciplines, and she took great pride in teaching them. In her retirement, Gail spends her summers helping revitalize an elementary school library in Northern Michigan. She is also an avid volunteer, working with Food Gatherers and Open Spaces, a gardening charity in England.

Jill McCree Berry, AMLS '77, has been a school librarian for many years in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. After a 10-year hiatus to raise children, she re-entered the profession in the middle of the transition to technology. She is working at Elm School, an elementary school in Burr Ridge, Illinois, and is a Google Educator and Apple Teacher. (8/17)

Dena Bovee, AMLS ’77, worked as a librarian for four and a half years after getting her degree. She then spent 34 years working as a developer at Online Computer Library Center. Her Library background has been so helpful to her when communicating between the library business and technical sides of her job. She especially misses Seva in Ann Arbor, where you could get a pita, tomato, and cheese sandwich for 50 cents. She also loved the lists of questions from Dr. Slavens’ bibliography classes that took students to libraries all over campus looking for answers.

Veronica Wilkerson Johnson, AMLS ‘77, works for U-M as director of the UM Lansing Service Sector. She formerly served as director of the Inkster Public Library, where she won the Michigan Library Association Young Librarian Award. She has established the Alberta Dixon Wilkerson Scholarship for Nurses at the Wayne State University College of Nursing in honor of her mother. (7/16)

Daniel Tsang, AMLS '77, has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant to conduct research on protest literature in Hong Kong. He will spend the next year in Hong Kong, where he was born. This is his second Fulbright U.S. Scholar grant; in 2004, Tsang did research in Vietnam through the program. Tsang retired from the University of California Irvine in 2016. He was the data librarian and bibliographer for political science, economics and Asian American studies. He ran the university's Social Science Data Archives and was campus administrator for the California Digital Library's web archiving service. (6/17)

Beth Andersen, AMLS '76, retired in 2014 after many years of working for the Ann Arbor District Library and credits her UMSI degree for getting her the job. She says it was a great experience to start her career at the library before computers and see how wonderfully computers transitioned into the library space. She continues to volunteer her time as a book reviewer for Library Journal.

Eve Brown, AMLS ’76, retired in 2012 from her job at the CS Mott Foundation Library and Archive where she had worked since graduating. She helped with record keeping, grant writing, and designing their own library catalog online.

Jeff Horrell, MLS ‘76, retired as Dean of Library Sciences at Dartmouth University. Jeff recently returned from a four-month trip around the world aboard a ship with his partner Rodney. 

Susan Jaskot, MALS ‘76, worked as a senior cataloger at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. In one of her more interesting projects, she worked as a consultant to help the Washington Cathedral organize its rare book collection. Before moving to Washington, she worked at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, Calif.  

James Piper, AMLS ‘76, spent his career as a librarian at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, MI. Originally planning to be a teacher, James enjoyed the high school environment and decided to become a librarian because it seemed to have more job security. He values the flexibility his UMSI degree gave him to work in either academic or public libraries. His advice to students would be to take advantage of their time in school and diversify themselves as much as possible. (6/17)

Regina Reynolds, AMLS '76, credits her U-M degree for giving her the valuable skills needed, such as the computer programming and the patience that punch cards require, for a fulfilling job at the Library of Congress. She enjoys walking to work in the heart of D.C. and working on serials and ISSN research, a passion that began during her masters studies at U-M. Her job has allowed her to travel all over the world and meet people from many amazing places. (6/17)

Fern Mitchell Cheek, AMLS ’75, has worked as a hospital librarian at Henry Ford Hospital and Mount Carmel Health Sciences. She currently works as an associate professor/research librarian at Ohio State University. She remembers walking to class in the winter and having to hold on to parking signs because the wind was blowing so hard.

Jean (Liming) Dundas, AMLS ’75, spent her years teaching and working in school libraries. She was a school media specialist in Lapeer for quite a few years when her son, Lee Liming, graduated from U-M. She retired from Lapeer Community Schools in 2006, and now enjoys being a grandma, travelling and volunteering at the Flint Institute of Arts. (7/16)

Paula Gilbert, AMLS '75, has worked 34 years at Martin Library and the York County Library System as director of youth services and several other positions. Her favorite student memory was meeting Frank Gorshin (the Riddler of Batman fame) in the bar of the famous Palmer House! She has been married to Barry Gilbert for 37 years. They have a daughter, Stephanie, who is a fashion designer for DKNY in Manhattan. (12/16)

Carol Burns, AMLS ’74, has been retired for almost 16 years. Her experiences at Michigan, especially in Virgil Gulker's Bibliotherapy class and as a Library Associate in the Medical Center Library prepared her for the next 30 years of her career, in which nearly everything she had learned about "how" to do things changed.  “What didn't change was the "why" we do things!” 

Darlene Crane, AMLS ’74, is a business growth advisor to small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. She worked at the Business School library while at Michigan. After graduating she worked with banks and corporations before becoming an independent consultant. (7/16)

Julie Early, AMLS ‘74, received her PhD in English from the University of Chicago after her studies at U-M. The most thrilling moments of her career were those spent archiving volumes from extraordinary libraries here and abroad.

Sarah Fallon, AMLS '74, returned to the field and decided to seek a master's in library science after her children were older. She then became a high school librarian. This led to a principal's position in the same small high school. She believes that the principal's position would not have been open to her without her degree from U-M. (12/16)

Evelyn Wecker Freeman

Evelyn Wecker Freeman, AMLS ‘74, is retired from her full time position as a consultant for Oakland Schools, although she continues to consult for them on a part time basis. Her work with Oakland school offered her opportunities to be part of teams that brought the Great Start Grant to Oakland County and statewide multi-site video conferencing. She has also had the privilege of serving as the Vice President for the Michigan Association for Media in Education. Evelyn and her husband Fred have a daughter and a son, both of whom are married. They also have two grandsons and are expecting a third later this year. (10/17)

Tim Richards, AMLS '74, spent the majority of his career as the director of the Mardigian Library at the University of Michigan–Dearborn. He says the greatest value of his degree was learning about the organization of information and the process of reference interviewing. Looking back on his career, he is most proud of being able to help people realize what they were truly passionate about.

Dale Safford, AMLS '74, and her husband, Klint Safford, moved to Michigan’s U.P. after she finished her degree. She worked as a librarian at Iron Mountain High School, while her husband Klint worked as city manager of Iron River. Dale and Klint had five children. Klint passed away in 2003 and is memorialized in the Klint Safford RV park in Iron River. (6/17)

Ron Sharp, AMLS '74, retired in 2014 and volunteers part-time as a cataloguer for the Indiana State Library. He was drawn to the University of Michigan School of Information because of its prestigious reputation and enjoyed the challenging academics and universal student body. Ron remembers enjoying his classes with Constance Rhinehart and listening to the speaker series which featured many librarians famous in their field. (4/16)

Charry Boris, AMLS ’73, became extremely interested in special libraries in her time at U-M. After graduating she worked in the business library at Life Office Management Association, and then at AMAX. She then worked at Financial Accounting Foundation in Connecticut for 30.5 years. Fun fact: she has named most of her pets after Michigan.

Joan Dunn, AMLS ’73, worked as a school media specialist in Charlotte, N.C., where she later became an assistant principal. She then worked as a reference librarian at UNC Charlotte. She retired in 2005. She loves storytelling and helping kids with school media. (7/16)

Linda Egebrecht, AMLS ’73, particularly appreciated her class with Dr. Wallace Bonk and how he emphasized that cataloging was not just about strictly following a set of rules—the purpose was to help patrons and staff locate materials. She loved the beauty of campus in different seasons, and remembers being snowed in on North Campus for St. Patrick’s Day. (7/16)

Stephanie Frontz, AMLS ‘73, landed her dream job as an art librarian at the University of Rochester after graduation from SI. She is still happily working in that position today! Her best Michigan memory is riding her bike through campus and seeing all the dogs. 

Carolyn Gillay, AMLS ‘73, became a professor at Saddleback College. She taught for 30 years in the computer information management department. She also wrote 25 college textbooks. 

Leelyn Johnson, AMLS '73, retired at the end of 2016 after a diverse career of almost 41 years at the Library of Michigan which included reference, interlibrary loan, and Federal Depository Library Program. She enjoyed working with the reference staff and patrons at the Library of Michigan. (4/18)

Robert Kelly, MLS '73, has been a retired academic librarian for the past two years and lives in Traverse City, with his wife Judith. They both enjoy the area but make an effort to travel once a year to enjoy other cultures, foods, sights and experiences. Robert came to U-M as a transfer student and later worked as an academic librarian at U-M Dearborn, Kresge Business and Eastern Michigan University. (6/17)

Jack Robertson, MLS '73, is the inaugural Foundation Librarian at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. In 1998, he was invited to participate in the planning of the Jefferson Library at Monticello; the library was dedicated in 2002. His interests include the study of presidential libraries, including the states and agencies representing the legacy of and scholarship on presidents from George Washington through Calvin Coolidge. (6/17)

Barbara Snow, AMLS ‘73, worked at U-M’s Law Library for 39 years before retiring and is now enjoying her time with her grandchildren. (7/17)

Mary Bullard, AMLS ’72, has been a part of library sciences since beginning as a page in the Grosse Pointe Library at 14 years old. She also worked as a library desk clerk at Alma College and spent 10 years with Youth Services at the Monroe County Library System, 20 years at Monroe High School Library Media Center, plus more than 30 years as a part-time adjunct reference librarian with Monroe County Community College. She believes that librarians must be at the forefront of ensuring equal, educated access to the best materials whether these be print, digital, or multi-media.

William Burk, AMLS ’72, spent a lifetime career in scientific librarianship, working at the University of Utah, the University of Guam, the University of California–Santa Barbara, and the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill. He served at the botany and biology librarian at Chapel Hill for 30 years. He also conducted research on botany and its history, which resulted in numerous publications including three books, 65 scientific articles in refereed journals, 46 popular articles, seven abstracts, and 75 book reviews. He retired in 2009, but continues his research on the history of botany. Constance Rinehart’s class on the art of exacting and careful skills in cataloging prepared Bill for his first librarian position as science cataloger at the University of Utah and later at the University of California–Santa Barbara. 

Randy French, AMLS ’72, worked in public libraries for 15 years and a library for the blind for 29 years. He retired in 2015. His favorite SI memory was helping remodel the SI library in 1972. (7/16)

Martha Fessler Krieg, AMLS '72, retired in June 2014 after 18.5 years as a senior programmer/analyst at Advantage Computing Systems (now Advantage CS) in Ann Arbor. During those years, she did some translation on the side, and has continued that in retirement. During retirement she has enjoyed lace-making, knitting, book repair and restoration, and more translation and editorial services. She and her husband had three children. Martha says her life has also been enriched by the many foreign students she has hosted over the years.

Bonnee  Lauridsen, MLS ‘72, is retired after working as a publications researcher, manager, and editor at the Clark Institute, University of Wisconsin, the Boyer Center at Messiah College, and Morehouse Publishing/Episcopal Church Publishing. She continues to be a loyal public library patron, as well as an advocate and a supporter of libraries. (6/17)

Sara Stubbins, AMLS ‘72, worked as a middle school librarian for four years near Grand Rapids, after graduating from U-M. She then moved to Texas and worked as a school library supervisor for multiple school districts. Later, she worked at Missouri State University and was president of the Association of Missouri State Librarians. She has worked to advance and automate libraries in Qatar, China, Sudan, and South Africa. After retiring, she began working part time at a home health care facility and volunteering at the Humane Society, food banks, and the hospital where she lives in Springfield, Missouri. (7/17)

Caryl Gray, AMLS ‘71, retired from the Virginia Tech University Library, where she worked as an academic librarian for 28 years. She feels that her education at U-M gave her flexibility and prepared her to move into the electronic age for libraries. At the time of her retirement, she could move easily between card catalogs and paper indexes, and electronic databases and journals.

James Hambleton, AMLS '71, retired from his position as a professor at Texas A&M University School of Law. He is still very involved with A&M as a consultant on its new law school building plans. James won't be leaving teaching behind altogether as he plans to teach a course entitled, "Analysis, Synthesis, and Predictive Writing," during the winter term at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Mary E. Kenney, AM ‘71, is an archivist at the National Archives of Marianist Province of the United States (11/17). 

Mike Wirt, AMLS ‘71, moved to Washington State after graduation to work for the Spokane County Library District, where he was named director in 1980. In 2012, Mike retired as executive director of the Spokane County Library District. He has served as a board officer in the Washington Library Association, as well as a delegation member to ALA’s Washington, D.C. legislative day.  (7/17)

Graduating classes of 1961–1970

Emily Brown, AMLS ’70, worked as a librarian for several years. She then became the owner of an HR Block and has been a tax return preparer for over 37 years. Her studies at U-M were helpful for the basic researching skills that she applies to all areas of her life. She fondly remembers meeting her husband Jon at Michigan. She also enjoyed watching her son Thomas play his trumpet with the Michigan Marching Band.  

Gretchen Bush, AMLS ’70, went to work in New Jersey after school, where she was trusted to drop the cards in the card catalog (thanks to her cataloging professors). She went on to work for Kent County Library system in Michigan, and then for Indianapolis Marion County Public Library for 27 years. She is now retired from public library work.

Alan Carlson, AMLS ’70, retired in 2012, but still does occasional contract work focusing on eBooks and mobile devices. He has previously worked with the Tampa Bay Library Consortium on creating apps and using the Cloud, in a program called the Zombie Apocalypse technology road show. (7/16)

Edwin “Ed” Glazier, AMLS ‘70, got his first professional job as a cataloger in the U-M Library, and eventually became the Head of Serials Cataloging and the coordinator of a grant-funded 3-university serial record conversion project (U-M, MSU, Wayne State). He has also worked as a Bibliographic Quality Assurance Specialist for the Research Libraries Group and was its representative to ALA’s Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access for 25 years. He also appeared in the Gilbert and Sullivan shows in his time at Michigan. 

Bill McNitt, AMLS '70, began as a part-time student employee at the Bentley Historical Library, where he met his wife, Marilyn, also an alumna of UMSI. Upon graduation, Bill worked as an archivist for the Gerald R. Ford Library, where he stayed for 36 years until retiring in 2013. Bill was with the library from its beginning and transitioned it through many technological advances over the years. He is very proud of the number of collections he processed, which will facilitate research for generations to come. Bill and Marilyn have raised a family of SI alumnae: Their two daughters, Rebecca and Sarah, also graduated from the school. In his retirement, Bill is a regular volunteer for the American Red Cross Blood Services, Be the Match Organization and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Linda Schwartz, AMLS '70, has worked in four school districts during her 32 years as a media specialist, beginning in Troy, Michigan, where she taught for seven years before taking time off to have a family. (6/17)

Karen Cox, AMLS '69, passed away on December 18, 2015. Karen spent 25 years with the San Francisco Public Library. She began as a reference librarian and moved through various positions, ending as the interim city librarian. In retirement, Karen and her spouse, Kathleen, moved to Nevada City. She enjoyed many passions including running, the outdoors, gardening, and traveling. Read Karen's obituary here.

Gail Daly, AMLS ‘69, initially wanted to work with children, either through elementary education or public libraries. When her husband got transferred from Southeast Michigan to Minneapolis, she took a job as a cataloger in the Law School. Despite her expectations, she ended up loving the law library and eventually became the Associate Director. She earned a law degree and eventually became the Director of the Law Library at Southern Methodist University. She has thoroughly enjoyed her career and says she owes it all to UMSI. (3/18)

Mary Jo Pugh, AMLS '69, found the greatest value of her UMSI degree to be the people she met in the process. She believes the connections she made with her professors and classmates are what led her to a successful archival career. Her career began at the Bentley Historical Library. She later worked at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and for the Society of American Archivists. In her free time, Mary Jo enjoys traveling with her sister. The pair visited four different African countries this past summer.

Mary Dana Marks, AMLS '68,was graduated from the U-M School of Library and Information Sciences, under the name Mary B. Davis, in 1968, a long time ago! But even earlier (1966), she trained for Peace Corps service in Iran at U-M. Her memoir about her Iran experience, Walled In, Walled Out: A Young American Woman in Iran, was recently published by Peace Corps Writers.

She spent most of her career as library director for the Museum of the American Indian in New York. She lives with her husband in New York City. (5/2017)

Kenlee Ray, AMLS '68, has been a strong supporter of the School of Information for many years. In addition to being the co-chair of the UMSI campaign, she is now also on the National Student Support Committee under the Victors for Michigan campaign umbrella. Kenlee admits that it's hard to point to just one thing as being the greatest value of her UMSI degree. She made lifelong friends at SI and has had wonderful professional connections through its alumni and faculty. Though she is retired, she still continues to meet very interesting folks through those connections.

Michael Deller, AMLS '68, had a different graduate experience than some. He was a commuter student who also worked at the Detroit Public Library. Michael went on to work in libraries within the state of Michigan for 40+ years. His degree helped him navigate the challenges of incorporating computers into the daily routine at the library and he is still proudly displaying his UMSI diploma in his office.

Kathryn "Kathy" ONeill, AMLS '68, has been unanimously reelected Alderwoman in Brentwood MO, an inner suburb  of St. Louis, representing a ward with over 1400 Condominiums. She's now retired, having taught in Ann Arbor and in the Ladue School District near St Louis. A Missouri Master Naturalist, she volunteers regularly at the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Litzsinger Road Ecology Center. She also gives time to Oasis, an organization for older adults; the local Y; and she ushers at The Sheldon Concert Hall, one of the top acoustically perfect concert halls in the U.S. A service vacation involved working aboard the USS Missouri, painting the surrender deck area and refinishing the mahogany stairs for visitor tours. (2/19)

Carol Akerlof, AMLS ‘67, has spent more time working to rehabilitate injured birds and protect neighborhood nests than working as a librarian. She founded the Bird Center of Washtenaw County, and in 2012, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. She is married to Carl, a U-M physics professor; the couple has two children. (7/17)

Betty J. Busch, AMLS ‘67, began her career at U-M’s Cataloging department. In 1971, she and her husband and three children moved to the University of Alberta, where she remained until her retirement in 1998. During her time at U-A, she was elected president of the faculty association, as well as a member of the Board of Governors (the only librarian ever to serve on the board). (8/17)

Janet Boles, AMLS ‘67, left library work in 1969 when she began graduate studies in political science at the University of Texas, Austin. She received a doctorate in 1976 and was a professor at Marquette University from 1980-2009. (7/17)

Jane Bowles, AMLS ‘67, got her first job out of graduate school as a government documents and reference librarian at Dartmouth College. After getting married and moving to Massachusetts, she became the book acquisitions and book cataloger at the Mitre Corp. Library. In 1976, she moved to New Hampshire with two young children and became active in the Friends of the Library group. Jane retired in 2003 after working as a high school librarian for 15 years. (8/17)

Lilly Crane, AMLS ‘67, began working as an assistant education reference librarian at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale after graduating from U-M. In 1969, she became the periodicals cataloger in the Serials Department at the same University. In 1974, she began her 19-year career administering the online cataloging section. (7/17)

Eileen Heaser, AMLS ‘67, worked in public libraries in the East Bay Area of California for three years after graduation. Eileen became a reference librarian at California State University, Sacramento. She retired two years ago and now works part-time as a librarian. (8/17)

Darrow Wood, AMLS '66, is professor emeritus, NYC College of Technology, of the City University of New York, having retired two years ago after 45 years there beginning in 1969.  He remains active as an academic management consultant with a special interest in shared governance. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, not far from his two daughters and two granddaughters. (12/16)

Joan Buntzen, MLS ‘65, began her career as a reference librarian in political science and economics at the Detroit Public Library. She then went to Korea to administer 14 libraries for the U.S. Army Special Services.  After working in Korea for a year, Joan began a 22-year career with the U.S. Navy, managing a library system supporting several thousand scientists and engineers in a research center.  She was named Federal Librarian of the Year in 1998 by the Federal Library and Information Committee of the Library of Congress. (8/17)

Paul Jackson, MLS ‘65, recently retired and began blogging for the new Public Libraries Online, helping other librarians with ideas about search, research, and documenting undocumented information. Paul is also an editor for two publications for the Plateau Area Writers Association, a group of writers in the South Sound area of western Washington. Paul performs timpani with two concert bands. (6/17)

Anne Morris, AMLS ’65, spent 44 years as head librarian at the Toledo Museum of Art. During that time, the art library collection quadrupled in size and was moved to a new building. She retired in 2009.

Joanne Duff Palko, AMLS ‘65, retired from Clark University in Worchester, MA. She previously worked at the University of Connecticut, Northern ILU, and Notre Dame (11/17). 

Ken Van Andel, AMLS ‘65, entered the Navy as a Navy Flight Officer flying off the Coral Sea and Ranger. From there he worked for the FAA as a controller and data systems specialist. Following his retirement there, he became the serials librarian and university archivist for Aurora University Library,  as well as being elected Faculty NCAA Rep. Most importantly, he met his wife of now 48+ years while working in the Graduate Library as a Work/Study scholar. All in all he has great memories of his time at U-M.  

Biljana Djelevich, AMLS ‘64, passed away in June 2017. After getting her degree from U-M, she worked for both the Detroit Public Library system and at the General Motors Corporation Research Laboratories Library and Design Staff Library until her retirement in 1987. In 1993, she returned to her home country of Serbia to live in a Serbian Orthodox Monastery, where she passed away.  (7/17)

Mary Bogan, AMLS ‘63, began her career working in the children’s room at the Saratoga Springs Public Library in Saratoga Springs, New York. Seven years later, she moved to San Diego to become a librarian at the city’s library. Since 1976, she has served in various reference librarian roles at the William Allen White Library at Emporia State University. (8/17)

Margaret Hammond, AMLS '61, passed away on May 31 at the age of 79. Margaret was the founding manager of the Detroit Public Library's Elmwood Park Branch. She later worked at the main library on Woodward in Detroit where she was a reference librarian and head of acquisitions. Margaret was a passionate librarian who passed her love of reading on to her family. She was also an American Library Association member, an avid gardener, and a Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert goer.

Graduating classes of 1951–1960

Jack Daball, AMLS '56, worked for many years at the Jackson District Library in Jackson, Michigan. He believes his degree from the School of Information was fundamental in helping him build a career he enjoyed getting up for every day. Jack's advice to current students would be not to take this time for granted and to stay as positive as possible. He believes every day he spent at Michigan was one to be remembered, and he looks back at his time as a graduate student very fondly. 

Norman Kiel, BS ‘56, met his wife, Virginia, at U-M, and the couple will mark 62 years or marriage in August. They are U-M football season ticket holders and will be traveling to the Mediterranean this summer with U-M alumni. 

Arnold Rzepecki, AMLS ‘54, is retired but continues to maintain the library at his parish (11/17).

Virginia Hyvarinen, AMLS ‘53, passed away on March 29th. She worked as a librarian for the Duluth Public Library for more than two decades and spent most of her life pushing for social justice, protesting the war in Vietnam and fighting for labor unions (7/18).

William Cox, AMLS '51, passed away on January 19, 2016. William had a long career in the Rochester Public Library System where he was the assistant director of Rundel Building Public Services. William enjoyed traveling and spending time with his family and friends. Read his obituary here.

Graduating classes of 1941–1950

Mary Jane Niemann, AMLS ‘49, passed away on March 16 at the age of 90. She worked as a librarian for the Denver Public Library and Sterling High School before retiring in 1987. Mary Jane loved reading, music, volunteering and being a full-time grandmother (4/18). 

Marjorie Broward, ABLS '48, shared the following message:

Marjorie Broward

"Although I am not celebrating the same anniversary as UM it will be 70 years in September since I set foot on campus to enroll in the School of Library Science - the last ABLS class.  Among my illustrious classmates were Russ Bidlack and Mary Lou Barker Harkness, among others.  I had my BA degree from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa - a college that every few years sent a graduate off to Michigan.

"While I have not worked in a library since 2005, when I volunteered in both Kenya and India, I enjoy reading about the exciting and interesting work of current students. I am grateful for the faculty back in the day who were innovative in their own way at the time. However, I regret that I was born about 50 years too soon - I am very envious of the opportunities open to today’s grads.

"In the 60’s I attempted to be creative and spent $2,000 of my meager book budget for my branch business library at the U.of Colorado on a bibliographic tape from the Engineering Society and then watched in frustration for two years while the campus “computer guru” struggled to get the data off.  He never did but by that time Lockheed had come to the rescue of librarians everywhere!  At the World’s Fair in 1964 I was taught how to write in code a simple overdue books program which was transferred to punched cards. So, I have watched card catalogs go from cards to microfilm and microfiche and pc’s in many forms and finally to having access to the holdings of the Library of Congress on my phone.  What do you suppose the next 70 years will bring?"  (5/2017)

Frances Kepner, AMLS '44, died peacefully at her home on July 31, 2015. Upon her graduation she embarked on a career in academic libraries, including positions at the University of Michigan and Ohio State University. For the majority of her career, she was on the library faculty of the Cunningham Memorial Library at Indiana State University, serving in various positions, including head of the catalog department and special collections cataloger. Read her entire obituary here

Barbara M. Mary, AMLS ‘43, passed away on July 31, 2017. She spent most of her career with Ann Arbor Public Schools as a junior high and middle school librarian. (9/17)


Steven Abney is an Associate Professor of Information at UMSI. He is currently researching methods for automatically learning new languages given the kinds of resources that are available.

This summer Assistant Professor, Julia Adler-Milstein, and her family took a trip to San Francisco and Portland to visit friends and family. The most exciting project she is working on right now is trying to understand how physician practices take care of very sick people and what strategies help them succeed. She has been working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to do the research and has really enjoyed the partnership.

The most exciting research Kevyn Collins-Thompson believes he is working on are intelligent systems that can deliver the right information at the right time in the right form. He will be traveling to Chile and Easter Island in August and says his favorite thing about working at UMSI is, “the supportive interdisciplinary environment.” 

In 2017, Barry Fishman will be celebrating his 20th year on the faculty at the University of Michigan. His favorite thing about working for SI is the sense of community and mission. He is currently excited about his work on GameCraft, a learning management tool that will bring gameful learning to students and teachers at Michigan and around the world.

As a clinical assistant professor, Kristin Fontichiaro enjoys working at the School of Information because of the many passionate and intelligent people working on intriguing projects in class, in their research, and in the community. She is currently working on an IMLS- funded Making in Michigan Libraries project, which envisions libraries in underserved areas of Michigan as community anchors for expanding maker culture in their areas. This work builds on the three-year Michigan Makers project with middle-grade kids.

Elena Godin has spent her summer assisting Dr. Besprozvany with his research and revising the SI 320 Graphic Design course for undergraduates. Elena enjoys the amazing community of faculty, staff and students: diverse, culturally rich, and intellectually thriving at UMSI.

Dan Klyn is a lecturer for the School of Information and enjoys the richness and diversity of the students’ experiences prior to studying Information. He is traveling to Japan this July to talk about information architecture with Peter Morville, a past faculty member and SI alum. In October he will be traveling to Italy to keynote the Italian IA Summit.

As an Assistant Professor of Information at UMSI, Casey Pierce, values the fact that the UMSI community represents so many disciplines while still supporting the school’s mission of understanding how to connect, people, information and technology. Casey is currently researching how enterprise social media can be used to support knowledge sharing. She is also beginning to explore how telemedicine shapes the practice of medicine, whether it supports the sharing of complex medical knowledge among specialists, and its effectiveness in expanding access to healthcare. 

Kentaro Toyama, W. K. Kellogg Associate Professor of Community Information, enjoys working at SI because of the friendly, interdisciplinary atmosphere among people who care about social impact. He is currently most interested in his research surrounding social change and how it is caused. His hypothesis is that real social change happens as people pursue their long-term aspirations which he hopes to find true in his research.

Professor Kai Zheng feels that SI has a great staff team and enjoys the collegial environment among faculty. He is currently working on a project to understand the workflow impact of health information technology. In June, he welcomed the birth of his first child.


Benjamin Armes enjoys his work as a videographer for Marketing and Communications at SI because it allows him creative freedom and it revolves entirely around shooting and editing videos. He has worked for the School of Information for the past three years in various positions. This summer he took a trip to Italy as part of his summer classes at Eastern Michigan University.

In August, Reggie Beasley will be celebrating his 1 year anniversary at the School of Information as the Admissions and Student Affairs Assistant. He is currently enrolled in Eastern Michigan’s Higher Education Student Affairs Master’s Program and is expected to graduate in 2017. Next year he will marrying his fiancé, Ashley. Reggie says his favorite thing about working for UMSI is the constant energy that the students, faculty, and staff bring every day. He writes, “It motivates me to learn new things both inside and outside of this building. From programs/activities held on campus to different insights on how we can effectively use information technology daily.” UMSI is glad to have you!

Heather Carpenter has been working at the School of Information as a Registration and Curriculum Specialist for 4 years. She has enjoyed being a part of a great staff and she is constantly amazed and inspired by the things our faculty and students are able to accomplish. She especially enjoys the collaborative and friendly environment.

Having been with UMSI since 2007, Andrea Daly, started as the faculty secretary. Since then she has had the opportunity to work for various associate deans and support faculty search initiatives. She is now the Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations where she is able to facilitate connections and relationships between alumni and the school while managing donor stewardship and communications. She enjoys her work because of the people who make up the UMSI community saying, “People care about the work they do and each other, which makes it a rewarding place to work both professionally and personally.” 

In his spare time, Mike Doa enjoys flying airplanes and playing on a softball team with his daughter. He also has really loved working with SI since 2006 when he was a Desktop Support Specialist. His current position title is Senior IT Support Specialist. What he likes most about UMSI is being able to work face to face with the level of talented people here. He said, “UMSI is progressive and always a step ahead of everybody else which makes me proud to tell people I work here.”

Veronica Falandino recently returned from a trip to Scotland where she introduced her 7 month-old son, Ronan, to his great-grandparents. She has worked in various positions at the School of Information but is currently working as the Assistant Director for Graduate Programs. She enjoys how the school is always evolving and speaks to this by saying, “with change comes engagement and opportunity.

Kanda Fletcher was a non-traditional student when she returned to school and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in 2011. In 2014, she went on to earn a Master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership from Eastern Michigan University. Kanda was new to SI in December 2014 but has loved her time here because of the vibrant and dynamic environment.

Ridley Jones works at UMSI in Computing. Previously she worked as a grader for course 534 in SI and was an assistant for the Research Office. Her favorite thing about working for the School of Information is the extensive opportunities to learn. She says the culture of learning and open-minded experimentation pervades all aspects of the school.

Caitlin Kelley graduated with her MSI in 2014. Since then she has been busy splitting her time working for both the School of Information and the Veterans Affairs Office in Ann Arbor. At the VA she works on research projects that leverage technology to encourage the use of data in clinical decisions. She enjoys the atmosphere of openness and dedication to teamwork that comes along with her job at SI.

Katherine Lawrence began at the School of Information as a post-doctoral researcher with Tom Finholt in 2005. She went on to work on several applied research projects concerning cyberinfrastructure, requirements analysis, and community engagement. She has also been a lecturer as SI when she designed and taught the first two years of SI 422: “Evaluating Systems and Services” for the undergraduate informatics program. She loves the fact that the school represents so many different disciplines and expertise that are all combined in an environment of respect for the strengths that each person brings to the school.

Rebecca Pagels is the Director of Development and Alumni Relations at the School of Information. She says that working at UMSI has been a great opportunity. It has given her the chance to meet fantastic alumni, faculty, staff and students from across the United States- and even China. She’s learned how amazing the UMSI community is and loves to see the dedication that alumni, faculty, and staff have for the school. Rebecca says, “It’s such a privilege to engage with alumni and supporters who are passionate about making a difference with students and UMSI.”

Ceci Riecker is the Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations. She has been with the School of Information since November 2014 and she values her colleagues’ dedication to development and alumni relations. Ceci’s favorite part of her work is matching a donor to the right project, “It fills their soul, it accomplishes a philanthropic goal for that donor, and it makes such a difference to the students and programs at UMSI!”

Emily Puckett Rodgers is a 2010 School of Information graduate who now works as the UMSI Entrepreneurship Program Manager. She loves the collaborative environment between staff, faculty, and student communities at SI which continues to help her grow professionally and personally in such a rich learning environment.

Scott Staelgraeve is the Administrative Director at SI. He likes working here because of the people. He says that as a school we are blessed with an abundance of dedicated, passionate staff and faculty. “The staff and resources at UMSI make it a great place to work,” says Scott TenBrink of his time here. Specifically, Scott works on the Citizen Interaction Design project which allows him a variety of work and opportunities to engage and partner with the community while interacting directly with students. This summer, his family is taking their second big trip out west where they will be hiking in Glacier National Park.

Friends of SI

Betty Bishop has a long history with the School of Information. Her grandfather, William Warner Bishop, was asked to come to the University in 1915 by Regent Clements under the terms that he would run the library and eventually start a department of library science. William stayed at the University of Michigan until his retirement in 1941. Betty believes one of her grandfather’s greatest legacies to the school is that he transitioned the libraries out of the Dewey Decimal system and into the Library of Congress classification system. She also believes one of his accomplishments was investing in book buying which allowed the University to build up a back log of collections to rival universities older than them.  Betty grew up on the University of Michigan campus, as her father was a law professor, and remembers hearing many stories of her grandfather’s legacy. She is a graduate herself of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.  She has fond memories of attending Michigan Football games and hearing Lyndon B. Johnson give his “Great Society” speech at the 1964 Graduation Commencement.