North Quad

North Quadrangle Residential and Academic Complex
(North Quad)

The School of Information has a beautiful home in North Quad, along with the Department of Screen Arts and Cultures, the Department of Communication Studies, the Language Resource Center, and the Sweetland Writing Center. Exciting features of this facility include the high-tech Media Gateway and 2435 NQ which support students, faculty, and staff working with multimedia, network, and communication technologies. In addition, North Quad features residence space for 450 undergraduate students and its own dining hall. The complex also provides classrooms, academic studios, research labs, and offices.

This map will help you find UMSI in North Quad.

Building hours and access

UMSI students have 24 hour access to the first and second levels of North Quad which includes the UMSI student lounge, UMSI project meeting rooms, and North Quad common areas such as the Media Gateway. Student access to UMSI administrative and faculty offices on the third and fourth floors of the academic tower ends at 5:30pm daily. Students can arrange to meet with faculty or staff members after 5:30pm by request. Be sure to have your MCard with you for spaces that require card swipe access, and to enter the building after 6:00pm and on the weekends.

UMSI classrooms in North Quad

UMSI classroom in North Quad

Within North Quad, UMSI has four dedicated classrooms. Two larger classrooms, 1255 NQ and 2255 NQ, feature tiered seating, multiple projection screens and HD Videoconferencing. Two smaller classrooms, 1285 NQ and 2245 NQ offer movable tables and chairs for flexible seating arrangements. All four classrooms have state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. While most UMSI classes are held in North Quad, UMSI has access to many other classrooms both in North Quad and across campus through the U-M class scheduling system.



Common space in North Quad

Group project meeting spaces

Throughout North Quad, there are many spaces to facilitate meeting about projects or to exchange ideas. There are several UMSI project meeting rooms that are available to UMSI students on a first-come, first-served basis and are accessible using your MCard. In addition to these rooms, there are also a number of collaborative work spaces in the North Quad, such as the Media Gateway and Space 2435, that include video-teleconferences and electronic media sharing and editing. From poster sessions to design jams to social activities, students are encouraged to make the most of all that North Quad has to offer.


Room reservations

UMSI student organization meetings, activities, or events
Rooms in North Quad may be reserved for meetings or activities of student organizations by student group officers. You need to make your reservation by visiting help.si.umich.edu and choosing "School of Information Facilities."

UMSI student project meetings
Groups of graduate students can reserve 1274, 1277, 1278 and 1282 North Quad for group project work (other project rooms are available first come, first served). Reservations can be made through the students' Google Calendar. Each room includes a flat-screen monitor and whiteboards.

The Media Gateway Team Rooms and Alcoves and Space 2435 Flex Rooms, located on the first and second floors of North Quad, are available on a drop-in basis for three-hour periods for group or individual work.  Each room contains a table, chairs and an LCD monitor.  Team Rooms 1150 A and B have whiteboards and 1150 A and C have mediascape tables with built-in laptop connections.  Flex Rooms A, B and C have whiteboards and mediascape tables with built-in laptop connections.

SPACE 2435
Space 2435 is available for use free of charge by the University of Michigan community. Events that are collaborative between North Quad and other U-M units, and/or focus on technology or international content are prioritized. Prior to the beginning of each semester, advance reservations are only available to North Quad faculty, staff and students. Reservation requests must be made at least five business days before the proposed event. If not previously reserved, Space 2435 is available to all for use on a casual drop-in basis. Space 2435 is a shared space intended for community building. When proposing an event, please keep this intention in mind. More information is available on the North Quad Programming site.

UMSI student lounge

UMSI student lounge

The UMSI Student Lounge, 1295 North Quad, is divided into an exterior social lounge and an interior study lounge. The social lounge is a place for you to relax between classes, eat meals, study, and meet for group work. This lounge is equipped with one large refrigerator, and a microwave oven. Vending machines are available for your convenience, as is an on-campus telephone, computers, and a printer. The interior study lounge is designed to provide a place for quiet study. The Student Lounge is locked at all times. You will need your MCard to enter the space via card swipe access.