Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the School of Information

You belong here!

Each member of the University of Michigan School of Information’s scholarly community comes from a unique background, making our school stronger and helping us to fulfill our mission of building a better world through technology and information. The diverse stories of our faculty, staff and students reflect the intellectual diversity of the dozen social and technological sciences that make up the unique UMSI approach to information problems.

We actively work to increase the diversity of our school and to create a welcoming environment for everyone who chooses to share their unique strengths here at UMSI. Below are just a few places diversity is visible at UMSI; for information about broader university efforts, see the University's Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

DEI Committee

The UMSI DEI Committee, composed of students, faculty and staff, is one piece of the puzzle in our effort to meet our diversity goals. The committee, led by co-chairs Tanya Rosenblat and Michael Williams, welcomes questions or concerns and would love to hear about any stories, experiences, suggestions, events and anything else related to diversity at UMSI: just email umsi.diversity.comm@umich.edu.

The committee offers funding for events that support UMSI's goals, collects feedback from the UMSI community and bestows awards for diversity-related efforts.

DEI Newsletter, The Cloud

In order to build a welcoming and inclusive community, we need to keep students, staff and faculty, the people we care about and are serving, informed every step of the way. We are accountable to you and this newsletter is one way that you can stay informed and engaged with DEI efforts and issues.


UMSI strives to highlight diversity in its events as well as through participation in university-wide events


Both UMSI and U-M offer scholarships that promote diversity in our academic community. UMSI offers funding via a generous support from Roger Ehrenberg and Carin Levine-Ehrenberg, as well as UMSI Achievement Fellowships. Rackham Graduate School offers funding for international students and women in PhD programs (including UMSI's.)

Many professional organizations with a commitment to diversity offer funding opportunities for which UMSI students are well suited. All external scholarship awards are eligible for matching funds from UMSI (for students who have not already received an MSI tuition scholarship), up to a maximum of $10,000 and subject to availability. 

Student Groups

Student groups at UMSI provide opportunities that combine the UMSI mission of improving the world through technology and information with U-M's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. UMSI groups include the Multi-Ethnic Information Exchange (MIX) and the Queer Science & Technology Studies Reading Group. A wide variety of groups across U-M offer opportunities for UMSI students to get involved.